Attract Clients With Inspired Complimentary Sessions

Three days ago, I was in a health food store when I noticed a basket of mouth-watering California rolls next to the cash register.  They looked exceptionally fresh and delicious!  Noticing a sign in the basket saying, “please sample”, it didn’t take long for me to graciously receive this gift and pop a roll into my mouth.  Savouring the delights of fresh sushi, I decided to buy a tray of these delicacies.

Like me, I’m sure you can recall numerous occasions where sampling products or services has influenced your buying decisions.  And, if this is true for you and me, it’s likely just as true for your prospective clients. So, if you provide one-on-one services, consider offering a “taste” of these services through a complimentary introductory session or consultation, if you don’t already do so.

Complimentary sessions are wonderful, “high touch” methods of connecting and building relationships with your authentic community (target market).  Ultimately, they can be one of the most effective ways for you to build your clientele, particularly if your business model revolves around one-on-one services, more than group services and products.  

Give Them an Uplifting, High-Impact Experience

A complimentary introductory session or consultation provides your community members with a profound experience of you and your healing gifts.  It offers them an opportunity to sample what it would be like to engage with you one-on-one.  An inspired complimentary session demonstrates the core benefit of your services and is an individualized experience of your unique healing process.

To create an inspired complimentary session that attracts clients, consider the following tips:  

  • Check in with your Higher Guidance and knowledge of your authentic community’s key challenges and desires to determine the objectives of your session. 

  • What do you want participants to take away with them that’s tangible or concrete?  What will give them the most value and an experience of the benefits of your one-on-one services?  How can you highlight your one-on-one services as the “optimal” pathway to the results your session participants desire?

  • Decide on an appropriate length for your session.  What length of time works best – 25 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes?

  • Give your session a compelling name that captures the ultimate benefit participants will receive.

  • Assign a monetary value to your session that reflects the value of this benefit and your one-on-one time.  Include this information when you promote your complimentary session.

  • Estimate how many complimentary sessions you can do on a weekly basis and set up a regular schedule for them.  Having a set weekly schedule will build your momentum to fill your one-on-one practice and establish a pipeline of clients coming your way.

  • Make heart-centered invitations and book sessions.  Use live and online communication and networking opportunities to extend complimentary session offers to members of your authentic community.

  • Identify a list of people you know from your authentic community, phone them and invite them to have a complimentary session with you.

  • Print up a postcard or coupon through or another printing company with your magnetic marketing message and an invitation for your complimentary session (your call to action).  Hand these out to people you meet from your community.

Inspired complimentary sessions are powerful opportunities for you to offer value and build trust and credibility with your community members directly and personally. “Tasting” the benefits of your individual services through a complimentary session can increase your prospective clients’ desire for these services.  Before you know it, they’ll be lining up to purchase the “full meal” from you.

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