How to Use Love to Build Your Business

“First, you must shine with positive, high-spirited vibrations, full of love.  In order to do that, I think it’s essential to love yourself, to be able to thank yourself, and to respect yourself.  When you do so, each of these vibrations will be sent out into the cosmos, and the great symphony of that harmonic vibration will enfold our planet with waves, such as those that cherish your heaven-granted life.”

Masaru Emoto
Love Thyself: The Message from Water III
(HayHouse, 2004)

Love is one of those so-called “woo-woo” things that isn’t traditionally associated with business.  However, for heart-centered entrepreneurs like you and me, love is a BIG part of what we’re all about, and it’s a core value that informs how we operate our businesses.  Far from being an abstract, metaphysical concept, love is a practice we can draw upon to enrich our businesses and consciously create from a more elevated position.

As conscious business owners, we know that love and appreciation are ascended balance states of the highest vibration.  Yet, in our human-ness, we’re prone to lapsing into fear and resistance.  Rather than succumbing to shame because we’re not in as “loving” and “fearless” a place as we’d like to be, we can choose to gently (i.e., “lovingly”) work with these inner conditions.

What’s Love Got to do With it?

“The greater the realization and expression of love, the freer will be the inflow of that which is needed to carry forward the work.”

— Djwhal Khul
  The Tibetan Master

Many of us align ourselves at the beginning of the day through practices like yoga and/or meditation.   Maintaining our sense of alignment throughout the day is another story.  Consciously working with the energy of love is a wonderful way to “course-correct” during our day when we get out of balance and fall into fear and resistance.

As we develop this habit, we discover that integrating love into the activities of our workday is not just a “feel-good” inner practice, but it has a real effect on the “practical” results we experience in our businesses.   There is, indeed, a direct connection between love and business.

Love is synonymous with flow;  when our hearts are open, we’re in the flow…we’re “on fire”…we’re magnetic.  Synchronicities and “predictable miracles” abound.  This doesn’t mean we don’t have to take any action to reach out to and build relationships with our community members or package and promote our offerings, but doing these activities with love multiplies their effects, for the highest good of all.  And, it makes them much more joyful and easy.

Loving Ourselves … and Others

“I find that when we really love and accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, then everything in life works.  It’s as if little miracles are everywhere.  Our health improves, we attract more money, our relationships become much more fulfilling, and we begin to express ourselves in creatively fulfilling ways.  All this seems to happen without our even trying.”

Louise Hay
  You Can Heal Your Life
  (HayHouse, 1984)

In order to thrive in our businesses and our lives, the practice of self-love is crucial.  Many of us have programs of self-denial and unworthiness, and healing these programs within ourselves is a process.  We’re in varying stages of realizing our wholeness, worthiness and perfection.  Making self-love a daily practice will expedite the process.

We’ve all heard the saying, “you can’t really love other people until you love yourself.”  Despite how cliché this statement has become, there’s so much truth to it.  When we’re “shining with positive, high-spirited vibrations, full of love” for ourselves, we actually have a flow to direct to other people.  We have something valuable to give in a healthy way.

Sending Love

In our culture, often, love is portrayed as something triggered in us by things that are outside of ourselves, such as other people or external conditions.  This is a powerless, conditional and passive perspective of love that keeps us enslaved.

Thankfully, the truth is that we can invoke and amplify love within ourselves, regardless of what we’re experiencing with other people or the circumstances in which we find ourselves.  We can then direct that love to ourselves, our clients, our services and products, our business-building activities and, even, our bank accounts.

Buddhists have a practice known as mettā (otherwise known as loving kindness meditation) in which meditators cultivate loving kindness toward themselves, their loved ones, friends, strangers and all sentient beings.   This is a beautiful way of invoking and directing love energy.  You can purchase CDs or audio downloads that will instruct you on this practice.  A good one is Jack Kornfield’s Meditation for Beginners, which includes a lovely version of the practice of mettā.

Author Masaru Emoto suggests taking moments throughout the day to direct a simple prayer of love to yourself and others:  “(your name) I love you, (your name) I thank you, (your name) I respect you.”  You can then direct the same prayer to specific people, using their names.

Something I like integrating into my day are mini, heart-opening visualizations to invoke and direct love to myself, my clients, my e-zine subscribers (like you!) and whatever I’m working on that day.  I usually keep it as simple as this:  I visualize my heart opening and waves of pink love energy expanding and radiating from my heart throughout my body.  Then, I direct it to my clients, subscribers or the current project I’m working on.

I invite you to consider the possibilities for yourself of integrating love as a practice into your day and your business, while surrendering attachment to outcomes.  Then, observe and acknowledge the results and experiences that start showing up, so you can deepen your trust in the value of this practice.

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    Thank you for sending me love! To me and all of us! Bless you a thousand times~~♥♥∞∞
    Laura Christine

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    I graciously receive your blessings, dearest Laura Christine! You yourself are a blessing.

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