A Sacred Container: Your 2011 Vision & Business Plan

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
I can see all obstacles in my way,
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind,
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sunshiny day.

Call me Pollyanna, but I really love this song from 1972 by Johnny Nash! Besides being a great “feel-good” tune, it captures the spiritual concept that we can’t see “clearly” when we’re mired in bad feelings and painful thoughts that blind us from the Truth. And it reminds us that, as spiritual entrepreneurs, our businesses require us to shift our limiting, egoic perceptions and feelings, so we can see clearly and express our essences through our work.

Yet, sometimes we put the deep inner and outer work required to create prosperous businesses on the back burner. We procrastinate and/or get caught up in the “busyness” of our lives and businesses, going from one thing to another, with a very vague picture of what it is we’re attempting to create. As a result, our actions become uninspired, inefficient and ineffective. And our businesses (and finances) remain the same from year to year.

To launch the New Year with momentum, I invite you to carve out a few hours for yourself this week to envision your business over the next twelve months. Set the intention that you’re going to “allow” clarity and give yourself the time, space and healing you need to see clearly and develop your business.

Vision and Plan Your Business

Being healers (i.e., creative entrepreneurs), my clients have a plethora of ideas circulating around in their heads. Inspired business visioning and planning provide the clarity and structure my clients need to focus their creative energy and put their ideas into action effectively and efficiently, generating the results they desire. Without this process, their energy is scattered, mis-directed and diluted, creating ineffective actions and minimal and/or undesirable results.

The reason for this is because operating without a business vision/plan is like showing up at the airport to fly somewhere without knowing where you’re going. It’s like going somewhere you’ve never been without a map.

On a certain level, this may sound spontaneous and fun. However, when it comes to your business, having no map or direction can ultimately take the fun, spontaneity and prosperity out of your work. If you don’t know the general direction you’re going in, you’ll either get lost or it will take much longer than necessary to get anywhere.

Embrace Clarity

Being unclear about your business is a form of self-sabotage. If you find yourself resisting the process of business visioning/planning, explore the beliefs, thoughts and feelings creating this resistance and use your favourite healing tools to transform these patterns. Consider the following questions:

What beliefs, thoughts and feelings am I holding about creating a business vision/plan?

What’s the predominant fear I have regarding getting clear about my business?

What’s the pay-off for me staying in a place of vagueness and ambiguity about my business?

Once you’ve softened the resistance, start with a few baby steps. You can create a simple business plan on one sheet of paper by focussing on these five areas:

1. Get clear about your income goal for 2011.

2. If you haven’t done this yet, get clear about specifically who you serve (your authentic community – a defined group of people), what their core challenge is and the core benefit you offer through your work.

3. Get clear about your offerings and how they relate to one another and your community’s core challenge.

4. Get clear about your prices and sales targets.

5. Get clear about your relationship-building (i.e., marketing) activities and how you’ll invite prospects to become clients/customers (i.e., sell your services/products).

A Sacred Container for Your Business

A healer’s consciousness often resides predominantly in the intuitive, right hemisphere of the brain. This is wonderful for healing work, creativity and inspiration. Yet, manifesting in the physical world requires an integration of both the right- and left-brain hemispheres – the intuitive and the logical, the feminine and the masculine, the yin and the yang.

A coaching client of mine had a breakthrough with this when she realized that the inspired business planning process I was taking her through was essential for bringing the prosperous business she desired into physical manifestation. Although initially a bit resistant to the process, she came to recognize that the structure of a business plan is necessary to channel her creativity and energy. She now sees her inspired business plan as a container – a sacred container – for her work.

By having the courage to get clear and commit to that clarity, you, too, can create a sacred container for your business that will bring you prosperity and a bright, sunshiny year.

To gain the clarity you need to attract clients, join The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Coaching Club. I’ll teach you how to create a sustainably prosperous healing business, with ease and joy, develop your own Inspired Business Vision and Plan and take inspired actions that will bring you results.

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