The Art of Writing Inspired Sales Copy

Have you ever read a sales letter that “spoke to you” – to your heart and your head —  and inspired you to purchase whatever was being offered, from a place of hope and trust?  Alternatively, have you ever read a sales letter that seemed heavy and manipulative — like the author was using fear to motivate you to buy a service or product?  Did you ever succumb to that fear?  What did it feel like to buy from that energetic position?

As a spiritual entrepreneur, you probably recoil at the thought of selling your services in a fear-based way.  Ironically, this can also create a fear of selling your services, in general.  Yet, you know that visualizing clients coming to you is only part of the client attraction process.  Mastering the ability to invite your community members to purchase your offerings effectively, authentically, and in a heart-centered way is just as important.  A good place to start is by learning how to write inspired sales copy.

Everything is Energy

Selling (or, as I call it, “inviting”) is really a sacred transaction.  Its true purpose is to help your community members raise their energy vibration, which is actually the first step in the transformational process they will undertake with you when they purchase your offering.  To do this requires you to raise your own vibration before you write your invitation.  To help you raise your vibration to a place of connection, service and receptivity, keep your thoughts and emotions focussed on the following:

  • the higher purpose of your business;

  • why you’re selling your product or service;

  • the results you’re passionate about helping your clients experience;  and

  • how your product or service will do this.

The Characteristics of Inspired Sales Letters

Once you’ve raised your energy, you’re ready to start writing your invitation letter.  A powerful and inspiring invitation has the following characteristics:

  • It comes from the heart, directly connects with the authentic community members who are reading it (i.e., the specific group of people you serve) and is honest, authentic and credible.

  • It helps your authentic community members identify and acknowledge the key challenge they’re experiencing – where they are right now.  This allows readers to feel the difference between where they currently are and what’s possible, if you help them transform their key challenge and realize their desires.  Of course, the energetic presence you hold while doing this is very important;  it’s vital to do this from a place of compassionate witnessing, not manipulation.  Sharing your own personal story may be relevant and powerful, if you’ve experienced the same challenge.

  • Most of it focuses on the transformative outcomes clients will experience (results or benefits) – what’s possible for them if they purchase and use your service or product.  If applicable, you can expand on your personal story and share your own process of transformation or healing and how that led you to create your service or product.  Also, you can include testimonials from existing and past clients.

  • A smaller part of it focuses on the actual offer – the specific features and details of the transformative service or product you’re offering, how it’s delivered and the price.

  • It triggers positive feelings such as hope, optimism, enthusiasm and trust.

  • It helps your community members connect with their intuitive wisdom and make the highest and best decision for themselves.

Inspired sales letters flow from the heart and are an authentic expression of the love you share through your services and products.  When you write your invitation letters from a place of empathy, connection, service and receptivity, while capturing the characteristics listed above, you open the door for prospective clients, courageously, to partner with you for the benefit of their own healing and transformation.

In The Prosperous Healer’s PathBusiness Success Program, I teach participants how to write inspired sales letters and other aspects of marketing and selling their healing services and products, with ease and joy.  For more information, visit

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