Attract Clients With Inspired Partnerships

rsz_1partnership“In the alchemy of collaboration, we become equal partners;  we create wholeness and sufficiency for everyone.”

— Lynne Twist
The Soul of Money

I have a confession to make.  For many years, feelings of insufficiency made it difficult for me to create soul-satisfying, reciprocal, professional partnerships.  My feelings of inadequacy and inability to allow myself to receive resulted in what seemed to be predominantly one-sided connections, where I was doing all the giving.  By Divine grace, I healed the dynamic going on inside me that created this illusion.

I realized that, as Lynne Twist says, “Connections forged in a mindset of scarcity…are inherently self-limiting.”  When I learned to value myself, what I have to offer and become more receptive, my ability to open to collaboration, partnership, sharing and reciprocity increased.  Feeling connected to Source and unconditionally loved, I now experience the joys of supporting others and receiving support.  This has been crucial to my spiritual growth and business’s progress.

As solo-entrepreneurs, being “lone rangers”, caught in the illusion of separation, can rob us of the mutual benefits of inspired partnerships.  The well-being of our businesses relies on interdependence, connection and expansion.  When we partner with other business owners and organizations, in a spirit of unity and sufficiency, we mutually increase our capacity to connect with our authentic community members, serve them, attract clients and build our businesses from our hearts.  This expanded capacity is known as leverage, and it’s absolutely vital to business success.

Synchronize Your Heart and Your Brain For Inspired Partnerships

An inspired partnership is a Divinely-guided collaboration, grounded in sufficiency, that honours diversity and allows partners to share resources, knowledge, creativity and wisdom in equal balance.  These relationships are infused with the energy of the heart.

While the brain is a powerful tool for co-creating and manifesting, the heart is even more so.  According to the Institute for HeartMath, the heart can generate electrical activity 60 times greater and magnetic energy 5,000 times greater than the brain.

To prepare yourself energetically for inspired partnerships, consider connecting your heart with your mind.  This inner activity, known as “coherence-building”, can be a subtle, but potent way of setting the stage for joyful collaboration.  And you can do this any way you want — allow your own wisdom to guide you.

Create Inspired Partnerships

Once you’ve set the energetic stage for inspired partnerships, listen closely for insights and ideas.  Also, tapping into your higher guidance, consider the following steps, questions and perspectives.

Determine Your Objectives and Targets

What do you want to achieve through inspired partnerships?  What results do you want to experience?

For example:

  • to increase your visibility in a heart-centered way (objective), so  you can develop joyful relationships with X number of your community members (target);
  • to increase the size of your mailing list (objective) so you can serve X number of subscribers (target);
  • to increase the number of clients you serve on a monthly basis (objective) to X clients (target);  or
  • to increase your monthly revenue (objective) to X dollars (target).

Assess the Value You Can Offer a Partner

What strengths, gifts and resources do you have?  What can you bring to prospective partners that may be valuable to them and/or their businesses or organizations?

Examples may include:

  • your credentials, expertise and professional experience;
  • a strong network;
  • intellectual property (anything you’ve written and published that may be valuable to a prospective partner and/or their community and customers);
  • paid products and/or services or free offerings you’ve created that could benefit partners or help them provide additional value to their community and customers (for example, a free or low-cost introductory talk or workshop);
  • writing, public speaking, managerial, organizational, administrative or customer service skills;  or
  • your healing skills.

Assess the Value a Partner Can Offer You

What areas of your business are weak or underdeveloped?  What strengths, gifts and resources would be most valuable for you to receive from an inspired partner?

Examples could be:

  • exposure to a large mailing list comprising your authentic community;
  • exposure to a large clientele comprising your authentic community;
  • an established and favourable reputation;
  • web traffic;
  • media exposure;
  • capital;
  • cash flow;  or
  • established and effective marketing and sales capabilities.

Open Your Heart and Maintain a Service Orientation

When you’re approaching prospective partners, open your heart and come from a consciousness of giving.  Focus on prospective partners’ needs first, rather than your own agenda.  Take the time to find out about prospective partners and their businesses or organizations.  Ask prospective partners what areas of their businesses or organizations they would most like to improve or expand.  See if you can be a support or resource for them.

Craft Win-Win Partnership Proposals

Once you understand prospective partners’ needs, how you can help meet these needs and the value partners can offer you, you’ll have a better idea of how you can craft win-win proposals.  The most important thing is that the benefits derived from the partnership are ones each partner truly values and wants, so there’s genuine reciprocity.

Inspired partnerships are nourishing and joyful, giving us the opportunity to acknowledge and circulate the abundance we already have.  Through collaboration, we can share our vast reservoirs of wealth with our authentic communities, be of service and allow the graceful flow of clients and financial good into our businesses.

In The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Program,  I teach participants exactly how to use inspired partnerships and other relationship-building methods to easily and joyfully attract and enroll clients.

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3 Responses to Attract Clients With Inspired Partnerships

  1. Donna Thomas says:

    This is a wonderful article, Mary! I appreciate your insights about bringing heart and soul into business partnerships – so important, especially in healing & wellness work. Aloha!

  2. peace warden says:

    Yes. Mary!!! I am being asked to partner with two different health orientated organizations that love my skills as a lecturer and health coach. but they want me to buy their products to get on board, and I amiss in feeling that my business may get lost in this as I am just starting out or show I should i use it as a stepping stone to create a powerful win-win for both of us? I am moving forward so I am looking to create a business from health coaching.
    Peace Warden Ace Certified Health Coach

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