How to Change the “I Can’t Afford It” Response


 “The greatest challenge as a healer is attracting people who, obviously, need help…and one knows one can help them…but they say they cannot pay the fee or cannot pay the right amount.” 



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6 Responses to How to Change the “I Can’t Afford It” Response

  1. Another great answer from a great being of love! Thanks Mary!

  2. Jamie Bodily says:

    Mary: I understand the theory behind valuing your work and not discounting services but I find that often times, potential clients will tell me they can’t afford my services and ask me to refer to student doula who charges less. I feel completely challenged with these requests, I need to work and this is my full-time job. I feel my fee is very reasonable considering the years of experience, education and continuing education I have put into learning my occupation but still clients seem to feel challenged to pay because their insurance is not covering it and ask for students. Is this a failure on my part?


    • admin says:

      Hi, Jamie:

      I would never describe this as a “failure” on your part. There are so many things that can be going on.

      It is helpful to look at your own inner beliefs and feelings about money, paying for certain services, your feelings about the value of your work, etc. Working with the “mirror” can be very powerful.

      However, there are other factors to consider as well. It may be helpful to look at who you’re targeting as prospective clients.

      Also, you may want to look at how you can powerfully convey the benefits and value of working with an experienced doula such as yourself, including what’s unique about what you offer and the way you work and how this positively affects pregnancy experiences and birth outcomes.

      Another thing to explore is whether you feel comfortable offering a payment plan to spread out the payments, allowing for more ease with cash flow (you may already do this).

      All of these things can change what you’re experiencing into a “I can’t afford NOT to hire Jamie” response.

      ‘Hope this is helpful!



  3. Juliana says:

    this is wonderful. Your words are powerful (as always!) and your clarity is very inspiring. Thank you for another great audio!

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