Donations or Fees?


“I’m planning on having a sliding scale for my one-on-one services and asking for suggested donations based on this sliding scale. I find it easier to ask for money for my services this way. I’m just curious to know what your thoughts are about this?”



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6 Responses to Donations or Fees?

  1. Hi Mary, This is a wonderful topic. And very timely for the mass of emerging healers and lightworkers that are beginning to take what they do more seriously.

    One of the most difficult things I think for healers is the responsibility factor. When you charge a goodly sum, this means in a sense that you are guaranteeing and are confident of the efficacy of your work. I have noted that as with anything we do that we are new to, there is a period of proving to ourselves the efficacy of our work. It is almost like we do not wish to charge very much during this time. I think this is OK, as long as we acknowledge to ourselves, not necessarily to our clients, that this is what we are doing. If we get right with our own energy exchange, during this “proving time” we feel more than compensated, because the exchange is that someone has given us a “real life” scenario to work with.

    On the other hand, I think it can become difficult to realize when you, as a healer, have become empowered enough to charge a goodly sum for your services. It is people like you, Mary, who remind us that it may be time to get more serious.

    When you become a serious healer and when you are ready for committment and responsibility it becomes very apparent that you must charge what you are worth. In reality, how much is a life changing session with a healer? In most cases it is priceless, which is what sets the abundance into motion with the law of attraction. When what you provide to your clients is priceless, there is no end to what can ensue.

    I am both a web designer and an energy healer and in both cases I am aware that what I can provide to my clients far outweighs any fee that they could pay me, over the lifetime of what I give to them. The universe responds to this lopsided transaction and a vacuum is created…and prosperity quickly follows, if you truly deliver your priceless gifts that is.

    There is a certain amount of innocence and trust in people who are open to working with unseen forces. This is great for healing, but not so great potentially for business. That is why it is so important to set policies, so that you are protected in the heat of the moment. I also think it is important to tithe. When you tithe, you also realize the importance of charging fees for your services, because you want to be able to tithe. This is energy that you pay to the universe, it is surrendered and submitted to Spirit and is acknowledged by your own soul in a very powerful way. When you tithe, there is less fear or anxiety around money, as well. You also realize when you accept money as a provider of spiritual services that you are potentially a recipient of someone’s tithe. It is important to allow that exchange.

    Mary, your talk was very profound and I loved every word of what you said. It is up to us to help people to take our services seriously. When we charge a fair sum and keep the energy clean, not put the responsibility on the client, we promote a more harmonious exchange. People have enough decisions to make and often just want to be saved from themselves!

    Blessings to you, Mary!

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much, Renee, for sharing your exquisite wisdom on this topic! I always sooo enjoy reading what you have to say, because you capture such deep truths and you’re so articulate!

      I love everything you’ve said here — particularly the idea of being in harmony with our own energy exchange during the “proving time” for our work when we’re benefiting from direct experience with people/clients and knowing when to move out of this, to trust the transformative value of our work and claim that value through setting fees that reflect it.

      I also love that you mentioned the importance of having healthy boundaries and of tithing and how that positively affects our relationship with money. I’m a big believer in tithing, too, having experienced its blessings!

      The other thing you highlighted so beautifully is the fact that our transformative work as healers is actually priceless — the value far exceeds anything we could ever receive in return. What a great way of framing this and shifting our whole perspective!

      Thank you, again, Renee for bringing such depth to this topic and helping us to claim our identities as Prosperous Healers. You and your words are blessings to all of us healers!



  2. Elspeth says:

    Mary, thanks for your work and your commitment to offering all that you do. You are good at intuitively zoning in on what is needed.

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much, Elspeth! It’s my deep pleasure to support such gifted healers like yourself.

      Sat Nam,


  3. James Wells says:

    Excellent one, Mary. Years ago, I experimented with a sliding scale fee system and it sucked. Most clients did *not* want the responsibility of deciding how much to pay. So I chucked it and went back to a set fee for my services. I really feel that a set fee sets the sense of boundaries and safety my/our clients seek. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Great point, James, about boundaries and how they benefit not only the practitioner, but also the client in terms of creating safety. It’s an important perspective on this topic!

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