How to Set and Attain Business Goals With Ease and Joy

rsz_2goals2016In our goal-driven culture, most of us have been oriented to seeing life as a series of definitive outcomes for which we’re continuously striving.  The primary challenge is that we can get trapped in the sometimes subtle, egoic compulsion of attaching our self-worth and value to the attainment of these goals. We think we’ll feel like we’re worthy and “enough” if we achieve specific goals, and we may experience much stress and struggle in order to attain them.

Another challenge is that we can become easily discouraged and abandon our goals, because we’re not achieving them as quickly as we desire or think we should. Or, we can lose our connection to the deeper meaning and purpose of our lives and actions, and our goals then become empty and meaningless. Ultimately, all of these patterns can cause us to have mixed emotions and conflicting perceptions about goals.

As conscious entrepreneurs, our experiences with setting, pursuing and reaching goals for our businesses can fall prey to these same tendencies. Yet, having business goals helps us focus and ground our energy, which is essential for creating in the physical world. If we practise conscious awareness in the process of articulating and moving toward our goals, we can identify and overcome limiting tendencies, and allow Infinite Intelligence to give our goals meaning and purpose and support us in fulfilling them, with a sense of trust and joy.

Setting and Pursuing Goals and Aligning Your Energy

“Vision with no action is a dream. Action with no vision is a nightmare.”

— Japanese Proverb

Here are some tips to help you with the process of setting goals for your business and taking inspired actions toward these goals:

1) Set intentions, objectives and targets for each area of your business, informed by the Higher Purpose of your business.

Intentions are broader goals that fulfill your business’s Higher Purpose. Objectives are more narrowly-defined goals that break down the milestones necessary for you to fulfill your intentions. Targets are the results you’re aiming for that will help you fulfill your intentions and objectives; these are usually quantifiable and/or related to a timeline.

An example is: (Intention) I intend to build heart-centered relationships with my authentic community (marketing); (Objective) To build relationships through seminars, workshops, talks and teleseminars; (Target) Two speaking engagements every month.

2) Observe when you’re lapsing into thoughts and feelings of deficiency, discouragement, doubt and fear about your goals and process these thoughts and emotions.

With your compassionate, neutral witness present, identify what the outer circumstance is that’s triggering these thoughts and feelings. Then, notice what the dominant thoughts are that are creating these feelings of deficiency, discouragement, doubt and fear. Just witnessing and allowing these thoughts and feelings to exist is a transformative way of approaching them, but you may also feel compelled to do additional processing work using other energy/spiritual healing methods.

3) Intend to see through the eyes of sufficiency and cultivate feelings of gratitude, fullness and contentment.

A common filter that can destroy the joy of pursuing your goals and the ultimate fulfillment of them is the fear of failure and habit of “seeing the glass half full” or, even, empty. This can occur when you focus too much on the “numbers” or your quantifiable targets or timelines. Rather than feeling content and full and appreciating and enjoying what you’ve manifested — what is before you – you may energetically be saying, “this is not enough – only six people showed up for my talk” and get discouraged. You’re not appreciating and blessing what you have – those six people – and seeing the truth that this is evidence that you’re on your way to manifesting your full goal.

As metaphysician Florence Scovell Shinn said, “The student (of Truth) must remember not to despise the ‘day of small things’. Invariably, before a demonstration come signs of land.”

4) Focus on enjoying the journey toward your goals, rather than arriving at the destination.

When you put your energy into enjoying the process, rather than constantly looking for results or the fulfillment of your goals in a needy way, this creates an opening for Grace to come in. You start trusting yourself and the unfoldment of your business. Your actions become more inspired, and you relax into an imperturbable, peaceful state of consciousness about your goals, paving the way for their ultimate fulfillment.

In The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Private Coaching Program, I help therapists, holistic practitioners and wellness professionals create Inspired Business and Client Attraction Plans, articulate their intentions, objectives and targets, align their energy and take inspired actions that allow the fulfillment of their goals, with ease and joy.

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