How to Increase Your Confidence in Your Abilities


“I have a lack of confidence in myself and my abilities as a holistic practitioner, that’s preventing me from even starting to look at what I do from a business perspective.  Until I feel more confident, I don’t think I can put myself out there.  I’m just too scared that I’ll fail or I won’t do a good enough job.

Also, I have no confidence in myself as a business person, because I have no training or background in business.  Besides printing and distributing brochures and telling people what I do, I’m not really sure how to attract clients.”


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4 Responses to How to Increase Your Confidence in Your Abilities

  1. What a great question and thanks for such wonderfully useful tips, Mary!
    Blessed Be~
    Laura Christine

  2. martin rudd says:

    Wow wonderful suggestion there Mary. I can totally relate as the exact same things happen to me. The only thing I would add is that if you look at the law of attraction and do you want business are you scared of success. I did the business postcards and I love them but the flyer is good too. I got feedback from some people that you advertise everywhere first using all media until you figure out which is the best for you. Consistantly having an add in the Vitality magazine or doing shows, volunteering, networking, put your self out there with silent Auctions, support your local businesses and you will receive.

    • admin says:

      Great insights, Martin! Yes, a fear of success can definitely hold people back and it’s helpful to investigate what is under that fear of success. Regarding the marketing practices, there are more effective and less expensive ways of attracting clients than running ads. However, doing all the other things you mention, if done strategically using a specific client enrollment flow and process, can be high-touch and effective ways of attracting clients.

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