Attract Clients With a Heartfelt Offer

When I think of the times I feel most connected to other people, I realize there’s an open and flowing exchange of heart energy occurring.  In terms of my business, this is when clients and money come to me easily.  In contrast, if my heart is more guarded (usually, because I’m focused on scarcity and fear-based thoughts), the energy I’m flowing from this center is weak and stagnant.  I’m neither really giving nor receiving…and the results are struggle and lack.

Shifting this requires that I move myself, consciously, back into my heart center and allow myself to give as I’m guided to do, with an open heart, and to receive with joy and gratitude.  The way I practice this in my business is through extending heartfelt, free offers to my authentic community (target market) and celebrating EVERYTHING I receive.

The Benefits of a Free Offer

If you have a compelling marketing message directed at your community and you’re using relationship-building marketing tactics that are authentic for you, a heartfelt, free offer will magnetize prospective clients to you with ease and joy.

The benefits of a heartfelt, free offer are as follows: 

• It anchors the energy of service in your business, which is very attractive to prospective clients.

• It helps you to build heart-centered relationships with your community members and attract them more easily as clients.

• It allows your community members to experience the value of your work, and this instantly raises your credibility (you’re demonstrating the value of your work, rather than simply telling people about it).

• It makes selling much easier; once your community members receive great benefit from your free offer, they’ll naturally “move themselves up” to buy your services and products when they’re ready, without any hard work or selling on your part.

• When you give something for free to your community that they perceive to be valuable, they start realizing that what they’ll get from your paid services and products will be even more valuable.

• If you give something for free to your community that’s of high value, word will spread quickly about you and what you offer.

• It will allow you to build a database or list of your community members so you can build heart-centered relationships with them through regular contact.

• You’ll feel great, because you’ll be operating your business from a place of purpose, prosperity and generosity.

The Ingredients of a Free Offer

The best free offers are ones that are inspired by your higher guidance, so tune into your inner wisdom and let the creative juices flow! 

In terms of the content and form of your free offer, consider these ideas: 

• Make your offer something that relates to your magnetic marketing message and the core benefit your services and products provide to your authentic community.  It works best when it’s relevant to your community’s key desire and what they want to experience or achieve.

• Ensure that it’s of high value and, preferably, high content (informational/educational) – and that you include a vehicle through which you can provide this on a regular basis, so you can build trust and credibility with your community members over time.  Ideally, your community members will have to register for or subscribe to your free offering at your website, so you can capture their names and email addresses.

• Select a vehicle that’s most authentic for you – one that resonates with what you naturally enjoy doing.  For example, if you enjoy writing, you might like to offer a special report, an e-zine, blog or e-course.  If you enjoy speaking, a teleclass, podcast or live seminar may be the way to go.  If you don’t enjoy speaking or writing, but you like to interact with people, you could set up a regular meetup or healing circle where you offer sample group healings or individual mini-sessions demonstrating your work (depending on the healing modalities you use).

Heartfelt, free offers that provide value to your community members are great client attraction tools, and they’ll help you develop a prosperity consciousness.  When you give from a place of love, compassion, connection and appreciation, you cultivate an open heart – the most easy, joyful and magnetic way of building a prosperous business!

In The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Coaching Program, I help participants create inspired, heartfelt free offers that attract clients and open both the giver and the receiver to the circulation of abundance. 

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