Magnetize Clients With an Inspired Brand

Sometimes, my husband regales me with humorous accounts of his love life during his earlier years. The other day, he told me a story about the first girl he ever kissed – the one who “smelled like ham”. Now, he could have talked about the girl who wore a peace choker to school everyday or the girl who had a lunch box with “The Monkees” on it. Each of these is an identifier that describes a certain person, with no ambiguity. In Marty’s mind, there was no question to whom he was referring. There was only one girl who fit the “ham” description.

When thinking of brands, your prospective clients do the same thing. A strong brand is like a “mind signature” or short cut that helps prospective clients remember your services and products and what they represent (an association with a particular idea). It provides an “identity” for your offerings that engages potential clients and is uniquely yours, like your fingerprint.

The Characteristics of an Inspired Brand

A brand name is a succinct phrase or set of words (six or less) that conveys the essence of your work. It highlights your unique brilliance, who you are and how you can help. Usually, a brand is also represented visually through a logo and creative design theme that have a specific look and feel.

An inspired brand has the following characteristics:

1. It captures the core benefit your authentic community members are seeking, focusing on a specific solution or result.

Your authentic community is a specific group of people you’re called to serve, who have specific challenges and desires. When your brand name captures the result or solution they’re seeking, it’s extremely client-attractive.

2. It may also identify who your services and products are intended for – your authentic community.

For example, my brand is The Prosperous Healer™. This brand identifies who I serve (healers) and the core benefit or result they experience through my services and programs (prosperity).

3. It elicits an emotional response.

When your brand captures the core benefit or result that your community members desire, it will trigger an emotional response that deepens this desire.

4. It’s clear and memorable.

If your brand is concise, people will really “get” what you’re offering, and if it’s catchy, they’ll remember it.

5. It’s authentic and conveys who you are and what you stand for; it captures your energy and unique essence.

Although an inspired brand focuses, primarily, on “what speaks to your community”, it’s also true to you and what you value, and expresses your unique brilliance.

6. It lives and breathes your story.

Your inspired brand links you and your story to your authentic community and their challenges and desires. Often, the people you’re most authentically called to serve are the ones with the same challenges and desires that you yourself have had. They can see themselves in your story and identify themselves with your brand name.

7. It becomes part of the services, products and programs you offer and makes them stand out.

A strong, inspired brand attached to your offerings results in marketing that has a greater impact. In a sea of wellness professionals who offer similar services or use the same modality or modalities as you, having an inspired brand will distinguish you, your services and your products from other practitioners and their offerings.

An inspired brand is a continuous thread that runs through every aspect of your business. It’s a bridge that connects you to your Higher Purpose and unique brilliance, while allowing you to streamline your client flow, so you can attract an abundance of the clients you’re best able to serve.

In The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Coaching Program, I help clients create memorable, inspired brand names that convey their unique brilliance and essence, while capturing the core benefit their authentic clients are seeking.

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