How to Create Engagement to Increase Client Enrollments


rsz_1engagement_and_conversations (2)“Thanks to you, I have a clearly defined authentic community and marketing message and a core signature program that addresses my community’s challenges and needs. What I’m trying to wrap my head around is how to put this service in front of my tribe and get them to enroll as clients. I’m thinking of placing some ads. What do you think?”


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Three Mindset Shifts Essential for Success and Prosperity in Your Healing Business

rsz_mindset (2) 2The other day, I came across the story of The Golden Eagle in a book by Anthony de Mello* that my aunt gave me years ago. I had been ruminating about how easy it is to be oblivious to the limiting narratives running in the background of our minds throughout any given day.

The Golden Eagle struck me as a perfect fable about this:

“A man found an eagle’s egg and put it in the nest of a backyard hen. The eaglet hatched with the brood of chicks and grew up with them.

All his life, the eagle did what the backyard chickens did, thinking he was a backyard chicken. He scratched the earth for worms and insects. He clucked and cackled. And he would thrash his wings and fly a few feet into the air like the chickens. After all, that is how a chicken is supposed to fly, isn’t it?

Years passed and the eagle grew very old. One day, he saw a magnificent bird far above him in the cloudless sky. It floated in graceful majesty among the powerful wind currents, with scarcely a beat of its strong golden wings.

The old eagle looked up in awe. “Who’s that?” he said to his neighbour.

“That’s the eagle, the king of the birds,” said his neighbour. “But don’t give it another thought. You and I are different from him.”

So the eagle never gave it another thought. He died thinking he was a backyard chicken.”

Like the eagle in this story, us humans have fixed ways of thinking that affect all areas of our lives. These “fixed mindsets” are like mental fences or walls that prevent us from being able to access Truth, solutions and more expansive possibilities.

For healing professionals, there can be hundreds of fixed mental patterns or beliefs that hamper the process of creating practices/businesses that thrive and grow. Shifting to an abundance-based, growth mindset requires awareness, intention and support;  I’ve identified three primary mindset shifts that are essential for success and prosperity.

Seeing Yourself as a Golden Eagle

For years, I walked around with inaccurate internal narratives about myself based on inadequacy, victimization and lack, and this was reflected in my behaviours. Then, I started waking up, and I decided that I was going to do whatever it takes to change these narratives. Unlike the eagle in the tale, I was not going to die, erroneously thinking I was a backyard chicken.

Based on my own personal experience and my experiences of doing coaching/healing work with therapists and holistic practitioners over the past seven years, the fundamental mindset shifts I’ve both experienced and witnessed that have to occur in order to thrive in business are:

1. Believing in yourself, your capabilities and your deservingness to receive help and a great income from your work.

Where you are right now in terms of mastery of your craft or healing abilities/modalities is enough for you to receive a plentiful income from your work. You are valuable, capable and deserving right now, and you don’t need to prove or earn your worth or deservingness. What you have to offer is valuable — even priceless in terms of how it supports others and the world.

I have had clients who seemed to believe in themselves and their capabilities. Yet, these same clients have had difficulty asking others for help and/or presenting their offers face-to-face and inviting prospective customers/clients to invest. While this may have arisen from a fear of the response, lingering issues around deservingness were usually involved as well.

2. Believing and acting like you’re running a business, not an expensive hobby.

When you fully embrace your capabilities, believe in yourself and feel deserving of success, that’s when you may notice that you’ve been engaged in an expensive hobby, not running a business.

There are a number of beliefs that can keep the hobby experience in place, besides feeling incapable and undeserving. One is the belief that running a profitable, prosperous business will require too much “hard” work, making it no longer fun and enjoyable (as a hobby is). Yet, continuing to bring joy and fun into your business is, energetically, important to increasing revenues and creating sustainable prosperity.

There can also be a fear that by clarifying and focussing on “the numbers”, you won’t be serving others from a pure place. The thing is that if you don’t have a set of financial targets (and a business plan) for your business, you have an expensive hobby, not a business, and you will limit your ability to serve others and the world.

The bottom line is that your passion for your healing work and serving others has to grow into a passion for having a business that generates revenue and profit … and abundance in all forms.

3. Believing in the value of investing wisely in yourself and your business success and actually doing so.

When you feel capable and deserving and start believing and acting like you’re running a business, you develop a belief in the value of investing in yourself and your business success and you are more likely to do so.

A good investment provides a return that is greater than your original investment. Wise investments include business training and coaching. Most therapists and holistic practitioners that I have worked with do not have much (if any) training or background in running and growing businesses and there is an ongoing learning curve to this.  Trying to “do it alone” is not optimal.

Signing up for business training/coaching can significantly shorten the learning curve, provide you with the knowledge, tools and skills to package, market and sell your offerings confidently, creatively and effectively, the resources and emotional support to move through blind spots and limiting mindsets, and the accountability and inspiration to set, take action on and achieve your goals and financial targets.

As explained in an article in the Training and Development Journal, “Coaching is the only cost-effective way to reinforce new behaviors and skills until a learner is through the dangerous results dip. Once through the dip, when the new skills bring results, they will become self-reinforcing.”

I have had my own business coaches on an ongoing basis for many years now, and they have been vital to my growth and the growth and prosperity of my business (and well worth the investment).

In The Prosperous Healer’s Path Business Success Program and my customized private coaching program, I help clients identify fixed, lack-based mindset patterns and shift them into abundance-based, growth mindsets, tap into their own innate wisdom, create inspired, creative business plans with financial targets, develop the practical knowledge, tools and skills they need to market their offerings and generate sales, and take inspired, consistent actions towards their goals.

My vision for you is that you will experience success and prosperity in your business, and like the magnificent bird in the cloudless sky, you will float in graceful majesty among the powerful wind currents.

* The Song of the Bird (© Copyright 1982 Anthony de Mello, Anand-Press)

© Copyright 2015 Mary C. Davis, ANAM TURAS. All rights reserved.

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It’s Time to Serve Humanity AND Become a Global Economic Force

rsz_1prosperous_healer_workshop_webinar_meme (2)I received an interesting piece of information from a colleague, recently.  While I don’t know the actual source for this statistic, supposedly, there is a 90% failure rate of wellness businesses within the first five years.  When I first heard this, I cried and felt powerless and despairing, because as a Business and Prosperity Coach for Wellness Professionals, the challenge of helping to change this statistic feels daunting.  Then, I remembered the words of my favourite metaphysical teacher, Florence Scovel Shinn, and I got inspired.

Florence said, “Nearly every big success is built upon a failure.”  She proclaimed that we must form the habit of “seeing through failure into success” and not “judging by appearances.”   So, for all who are in the wellness arena (or contemplating launching wellness businesses), this statistic is a blessing and an opportunity.  The time to transmute failure into success and change this statistic is NOW.

I believe that the way forward is to, not only, learn how to market and sell wellness services authentically and effectively, but also to look deep within, to discover what needs to be healed mentally and emotionally, and what is yearning to be expressed.  From a spiritual perspective, there is a Divine Plan for each wellness business that supports fulfillment and financial success.  Opening the spiritual channel and tapping into that Divine Plan are also vital.

When these four quadrants are working cooperatively together — the physical external actions, the emotions, the thoughts/beliefs and the spiritual connection — that’s when success and expansion occur on all levels.

Underpinning this is one of the most important realizations that wellness professionals can have: business, financial abundance and humanitarian service are not mutually exclusive.  Medical intuitive, author and teacher Caroline Myss said something once that really moved me.  She said that as a society we need to heal this dualistic way of looking at business, money and healing services, and healers need to “develop financial clout and become an economic force in the world.”

Healing this duality is the higher purpose of my work.  My mission and passion are to help shift global consciousness and create a new economic paradigm based on wellness, sufficiency, co-operation, unity, love, joy and service.  I’m fulfilling my mission by helping wellness professionals, therapists and holistic practitioners attract clients and create prosperous, fulfilling businesses that serve others and the world.

If you are a wellness professional, therapist or holistic practitioner who is ready to serve humanity, fulfill your greatest potential, develop financial clout and become an economic force in the world, this is your call to action! REGISTER HERE for this 3-part webinar series:  The Prosperous Healer’s Path™: How to Create a Thriving Healing Business While Serving Others and the World.

This webinar series is part of Spread the Love and Prosperity:  A Community Give-Back and Empowerment Campaign for Wellness Professionals, Holistic Practitioners and Therapists.


Please pay it forward by sharing this blog post with other healing professionals.  Together, let’s evolve and transform global consciousness and the economy, as we shine our gifts out into the world, serve and prosper!

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Attract Clients With a Clear Marketing Message

rsz_marketing_message (2)If you were to ask business coaches to provide fundamental reasons why business owners, of any type, have difficulty creating a consistent client/cash flow, I guarantee that “unclear marketing messages” will be one of the reasons on that list.

The first place I always start with a client, in terms of the practical aspects of business development, is to help her/him identify her/his authentic community (niche or target market) and articulate a clear, magnetic marketing message directed at this group of people. Even clients who come to me who have been running their healing practices/businesses for many years often have unclear, untargetted, overly-generic or incomplete marketing messages.

Having a clear, compelling marketing message is one of the pillars of creating a financially strong and sustainable business of any type, including holistic health/wellness services. Your marketing message is the most important piece of communication you share with your community members that will get their attention and inspire them to engage with you. It will give your business model and relationship-building activities (i.e., marketing) focus and direction, help you find and attract clients more easily and build your healing business with less effort and better results.

Characteristics of a Clear Marketing Message

Your marketing message needs to speak directly to your clearly-defined authentic community and capture the core challenges these people are experiencing. It also needs to highlight, front and center, the ultimate benefits your services provide to this group that address these challenges. Finally, it needs to convey your unique brilliance in how you approach these challenges and deliver these benefits.

Three of the main components of a clear marketing message are as follows:

1) It starts with articulating your “who”.

From a business perspective, there’s a certain, authentic client with specific life challenges and desires who you really, really excel at serving and who you feel passionate about serving. She or he understands, values and benefits the most from your services and products.

Spiritually, this authentic client belongs to your soul group, and you’re meant to help this person heal (often, because you’re here to heal similar patterns, wounds or conditions in yourself). Also, serving this client allows you to express the uniqueness of your Higher Self.

Committing to your authentic clients/community is an important step to take. Doing so will help you direct and use your energy more efficiently and effectively for marketing your offerings and serving the people you’re truly meant to serve, as part of your business’s Higher Purpose.

2) Once you’ve named your “who”, you’re ready to describe your “what”.

Your “what” is the core benefit you provide to your authentic community through your services and/or products. It’s a solution to the challenges you’ve identified that your authentic community have. It’s the key desire your community members have that you’re able to help them fulfill.

Your core benefit description captures a clear result that has both tangible and intangible benefits. It’s the ultimate reason your community members buy from you.

3) When you have your “who” and “what” expressed, then, you can convey your “how”.

Besides not having a clear “who” and “what”, one of the main errors that therapists and holistic/wellness practitioners make with their marketing messages and materials (e.g., websites, brochures, etc.) is that they put their “how” — or their process — front and center. In fact, if you look at many practitioners’ promotional vehicles, they are overly focused on describing the modalities they use.

I often say to clients, “most of your prospective clients are not buying your ‘how’, they’re buying your ‘who’ and your ‘what’.” In a prospective client’s mind, the healing modalities you use are, usually, a secondary consideration to the benefits you offer.

This isn’t to say that there’s no place for your process or your “how” in your marketing message/materials; it’s a matter of where you position it. The place to position your how is after your “who” and “what” — not before.

Even if you use modalities other practitioners use, you have your own unique style or approach to integrating and using these modalities and helping facilitate your clients’ healing. Your “how” captures the distinguishing characteristics and unique/distinct process you offer through your services/products. This may be reflected in a branded signature program you offer.

Words and messages carry vibrations that can attract and uplift people, so having a captivating, memorable brand and clear, well-articulated, magnetic marketing message are powerful tools for attracting your authentic clients.

In Modules Three and Four of The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Training and Coaching Program, I help participants identify their authentic community, create a memorable brand and articulate a powerful marketing message that magnetizes clients.

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How to Establish Financial Security


rsz_financial_security (2)“I’ve finally got a heart-centered marketing plan for my practice, and I really want to move forward toward creating a financially viable wellness business.  However, I’m not sure that my mindset is there yet.  I still have a lot of fear and anxiety about my finances, and I’m wondering if I’ll ever get to that place of feeling financially secure.”


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How to Attract Clients by Quantifying the Value of Your Work


“I’m in a place where most of the time, I know that my services are valuable but, sometimes, I still have doubts and don’t feel as confident as I would like to feel.  Also, I don’t really know how to strongly convey to potential clients the value of what I do — how to measure it.”


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Cultivating Fearlessness: Are You Stretching or Playing It Safe?

rsz_1comfort_zone (2)Question:

“I know that there are actions I’m being called to take to move my business forward, particularly around marketing and selling my services, but I feel so much fear about doing these things, that I just retreat into my “comfort zone”.  Any thoughts about how to deal with this?”



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What May Be Preventing You From Attracting New Clients Consistently

rsz_ripe_fruit (2)In my former career as a Director/Manager of Major Gifts for two “big city” hospital foundations (and my work as a fund raising consultant), I was responsible for strategizing and implementing million dollar plus campaigns.  The goal was to inspire targeted, prospective donors to make large donations for specific projects.

A key part of that process was — in professional fund raising jargon — the “cultivation” of these donors.   In business terms, this is known as marketing or as I prefer to call it, “relationship building”, and it is of equal importance to building the sustainability of a business, as it is to a not-for-profit organization.

What I have noticed in my current work as a Business & Prosperity Coach, is that the therapists, coaches, holistic practitioners and wellness professionals who come to me for help are, often, not focusing effectively and consistently on the cultivation of prospective new clients.   In fact, sometimes, there is little cultivation going on at all  – particularly “high-touch” cultivation (more direct and personal).  This step is, more often than not, skipped altogether, with practitioners going directly to making sales offers — predictably, with low response rates.

In my fund raising days, this was called soliciting a donation prematurely (which usually ended up as no donation).  It’s like trying to pick fruit before it’s ripe.   And, while some prospective, new clients are “ripe” for your services and products the moment they discover you, the vast majority need to go through a more personal and direct cultivation and nurturing process with you and your offerings, before they’re sufficiently ripe to invest in your services.

Setting Yourself Up For Success

Regularly scheduled, high-touch, empowerment-based relationship building activities are typically the missing link, externally, for many practitioners when it comes to increasing their client base and filling their programs.  However, before I get into defining what empowerment-based marketing is, it’s important to clarify some issues that need to be addressed, first, in order for this approach to be successful for you.

Some of the missing“foundational” pieces I work on with clients, before developing their relationship building activities, are:

1) Clarifying and defining their authentic community and crafting a powerful marketing message. 

Sometimes, practitioners are marketing their offerings to an audience that’s too broad and generic, or too many different audiences, and do not know, specifically, who their offerings are for, what those individuals are wanting/needing/willing to invest in and how to articulate their marketing message in a compelling way.

2) Developing, shaping, packaging and naming their services in ways that connect with prospective clients.

This is where research — getting information and feedback — is  invaluable.  Once practitioners have clearly identified and articulated who their offerings are for (their authentic community) and what their authentic community members are truly wanting and needing, they can customize their services to provide this and package/name these services more effectively.

3) Clearing feelings of neediness and deprivation. 

Feelings of neediness and deprivation about money and/or clients are, sometimes, what causes practitioners to skip or abandon client cultivation activities and go straight to selling or sending out offers for their paid services.

Client cultivation/empowerment-based marketing is also what I call, “sending energy out and serving”.  When practitioners are experiencing feelings/beliefs around deprivation, they feel depleted and needy, so sending their energy out and serving feels like it’s going to drain them and take them further into deprivation. Chances are they’ll avoid these activities or undertake them with a great deal of attachment and “efforting”.

That’s why it’s essential to find that place of inner fullness and abundance, first,  allow it to nourish them, so they can give consciously and in a balanced way (respect their own needs and limits/not over-extend themselves), and undertake these activities with trust and detachment.

Empowerment-Based Marketing: Effective, Heart-Centered
Client Cultivation
and Nurturing

Empowerment-based marketing is a service-oriented approach to building relationships with your authentic community members by educating, inspiring and, ultimately, empowering them, while connecting them to a specific service or product of yours that addresses more fully what they are wanting and needing.  It is an approach that culminates in service-oriented sales.

Since empowerment-based marketing both educates and inspires, it connects with the head, the heart and, ultimately, the soul of prospective clients.  It provides information and an experience that benefits your community members, inspiring them to find a better way for themselves and make empowered choices.

The most effective forms of empowerment-based marketing are direct and experiential.  Powerful high-touch platforms include getting in front of your authentic community and doing a signature talk, a small “introductory” workshop or webinar/teleclass that delivers great value, while providing a taste or “sample platter” of a specific service you provide.

While there is a lot more involved in doing this effectively than I can go into in this article, I will leave you with a few coaching questions to ponder:

How clear and specific are you about who you serve, what they are wanting/needing and how your services provide this?  Is this reflected upfront and center in your marketing?

How can you develop,  customize, refine, package and name your services and products to provide what your authentic community is wanting and needing?

How can you use service-oriented, empowerment-based marketing to cultivate relationships with your authentic community members and connect them to your services and products?

How can you make high-touch, empowerment-based marketing activities a priority and do them consistently from a place of fullness, abundance and honouring your own energy levels?

I believe that we each have a Divine Plan for our businesses and that all conditions are lined up through this Plan for our full self-expression and success.  As co-creators, our role is to trust the flow and to take inspired, fearless action that demonstrates this trust.  Empowerment-based marketing is an inspired activity that allows us to serve others and fulfill our purpose, while opening up a channel for our supply to come through.

In The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Program, I help therapists, coaches, holistic practitioners, and wellness professionals to transform inner blocks to success, identify their authentic communities for their services, articulate powerful marketing messages, customize, package and name their offerings in client-attractive ways and develop empowerment-based marketing activities that bring in a steady stream of clients, with ease and joy.

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Magnetize Clients With Inspired Writing

rsz_magnetize_clients_with_writing (2)My father was, what I affectionately call, a “hoarder”. Amongst other things, he saved his children’s baby teeth, hair and report cards from kindergarten through high school.  Recently, this gave me an opportunity to review my teachers’ comments and get a snapshot of the natural abilities and challenges I’ve had since childhood.

Besides describing me as shy and sensitive, most of my teachers acknowledged my propensity for the written word.  “Mary is showing the beginnings of a writer.  She handles word usage, conversation and plot so well in her creative writing,” said my Grade Two teacher, Mrs. Neatby.

While I may not be a Pulitzer prize-winning author, I’ve always had a natural affinity for writing.  This is why I enjoy using it to build relationships with my authentic community (target market) and promote my business.  Perhaps, writing is an authentic skill for you, too, and, if so, you can use it in many different ways to market your business.

Content Marketing: Providing Valuable Information to Your Community

Writing gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and raise your visibility and credibility by providing valuable information to your authentic community.   To build relationships with your community members and increase their desire for your offerings, the content of your writing needs to address their key challenges and desires, while highlighting the core benefit of your services and products (as identified in your marketing message).

Writing Platforms That Build Relationships

Besides writing articles and submitting them to publications your community members read, you can also develop other platforms for your content, such as your own e-zine (electronic magazine), blog (weblog) and/or e-book.

E-zines and blogs may seem similar, but there are distinctions between the two, and both can complement and support each other. Basically, they’re different delivery methods for getting information to your community members; some readers may prefer your e-zine, others your blog.  So, if writing is a natural way for you to build relationships, you may want to consider using both.

A blog is:

  • an interactive website that can be easily and frequently updated with dated entries or posts consisting of blocks of content or comments;  and

  • spidered by search engines, so this can increase traffic to your website and raise your search engine rankings, making it easier for your community members to find you online.

An e-zine is:

  • an e-mail message that contains a larger block of content (including an article or articles) — usually produced in an HTML (hyper text markup language) format, with colour and graphics;

  • usually, published less frequently than blog post updates; and

  • not openly available on the web and, therefore, can’t be detected by search engines.

An e-book is:

  • an electronic publication, usually created in a PDF (portable document format).

Start With One Article and Open to Inspiration

Eventually, you can include all of these different writing platforms in your relationship-building strategy, if you resonate with writing and your Guidance leads you to these approaches. However, a simple place to begin may be with a 600 – 1,000 word “signature” article.

To jumpstart your inspiration, connect with your Higher Guidance and ask yourself the following questions:

1. What topic relates most directly to my community’s needs and desires, the core benefit of my offerings and my unique healing process (as captured in your marketing message)?

2. What do I want my readers to take away with them that’s tangible and concrete?

3.  What will give my readers the most value and, at the same time, an experience of the benefits of my services and products?

When you’ve answered these questions, you’re ready to craft a compelling headline, draft an outline of three to five major points you’ll cover and start writing your article.  Be sure to include a copyright notice, your magnetic marketing message with a “call to action” and your website address at the end.

Repurpose Your Writing

Once you’ve completed your first article, you’ll probably have inspired ideas about other topics relevant to your community that you can craft into additional articles. As you build your portfolio, you can repurpose your writing and leverage it.  For example:

  • you can publish your articles in your own e-zine and, also, submit them to other publications your community members read, as well as online article banks;

  • you can segment articles you’ve written for your e-zine into sections, and post one section at a time on your blog, every few days, over the course of a week (this provides you with ready-made content for your blog posts);

  • you can transform blog posts you’ve written about a specific topic into an article for your e-zine;

  • you can reuse the content of your articles for seminars, classes or workshops; or

  • you can take articles you’ve written on specific, related topics and package them together into a small e-book.

Writing is a gateway skill you can use to generate engagement, build relationships with your community members and increase their desire to purchase your products and services.  If writing is natural for you, it can be one of the easy and joyful methods you use to attract prospective clients and develop your healing business.

To learn how to use writing authentically and effectively to attract clients, join The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Private Coaching Program or The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Group Coaching Program.

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How Boundaries Affect Your Financial Flow and Business Success

rsz_boundaries (2)Question:

“Could you speak to the issue of boundaries, as I’ve come to realize that this is a major issue for me in my relationships with clients and the overall well-being of my business. I know something is “off”, as I feel energetically imbalanced and, at times, drained. Also, I seem to experience unsettling situations that I suspect are related to boundaries, over and over again. I just don’t know where to begin in looking at this. Thank you!”


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