Magnetize Clients With Inspired Testimonials

“The grateful heart draws to itself great things.”

– Eric Butterworth
          Spiritual Economics

There’s nothing I love better than to provide a heartfelt written or verbal testimonial when I’ve received the blessings of other people’s gifts.  Endorsing a valuable product or service, of any type, is an immensely joyful experience.  I see it as an opportunity to express appreciation and gratitude for the abundance flowing through my life.

The interesting thing about testimonials is that they benefit the giver, just as much as the receiver.  Articulating how you have benefited from another’s offering shifts you into love, appreciation and gratitude – energy states of the highest vibration.

Receiving testimonials from your clients or customers is, also, an elevating  experience and increases the flow of prosperity into your business.  Giving your clients or customers the opportunity to express their gratitude and acknowledge the transformation they’ve received through your service or product is a gift to them, as well as to you, and all your future clients or customers.  There are specific ways you can co-create the conditions for receiving compelling and inspiring testimonials.

Opening to Receive

Here are some tips to help you open to receive inspired testimonials from your clients or customers:

1) Start by acknowledging your own appreciation and gratitude for your services and products and for your clients or customers.  What is it that you appreciate about each of your services and products?  What is it that you appreciate about each client or customer?  For what are you grateful?

2) Bless each of your services and products and all of your clients or customers, past and present.  Blessing is a powerful act;  it means that you are conferring prosperity on the object of your blessing.  The act of blessing changes your thoughts and feelings and the consciousness you project into your world.  It’s a great way of opening to the flow of the ever-present bounty of the Universe.

3) Ask past and present clients or customers for testimonials.  Open to receive inspired testimonials, by steering clients or customers toward sharing the specific, transformative benefits or results they experienced through using your product or service.  You can do this by asking a question or questions that will draw out this feedback, and by providing a sample testimonial for inspiration.

Some key questions to ask are, “What were you experiencing before you came to me?  What has changed for you?  What breakthroughs, benefits and results have you experienced from using (name of your service or product)?”

4) Ask your clients or customers for their permission to use their testimonials with their full names, titles (if appropriate) and locations.

Inspired testimonials help prospective clients or customers experience hope and positive expectation and get a better sense of the value they’ll receive from your services or products.  This can give them the inspiration they need to take action toward their own healing or transformation.

In and of themselves, inspired testimonials are consciousness-elevating tools of transformation.  They benefit and bless not only you and your wellness business but, also, the clients or customers who provide them and the prospective clients or customers who hear or read them.

In The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Program, clients learn how to use inspired testimonials and other tools to attract clients and grow their businesses.

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