The Future of Healers: Reclaiming the Divine Origins of Money

Business, financial abundance and humanitarian service are not mutually exclusive, yet many healing professionals struggle to reconcile polarized perspectives about being in business, selling/receiving money for their offerings and being of service. Medical intuitive, author and teacher Caroline Myss once said that as a society we need to heal this dualistic way of looking at these issues and healers need to “develop financial clout and become an economic force in the world.”

In shaping the future of healing, those in wellness professions are being called to empower themselves economically. They are being beckoned to have a greater impact in the world by healing their own money shadows, making peace with their finances and developing business skills, while being true to themselves and their own higher purposes and values.

Money has its roots in the Sacred and the future of healers in serving humanity and becoming a global economic force requires reclaiming the Divine origins of money.

In this interactive discussion/workshop, participants will explore several dominant polarities that affect healing professionals when it comes to their work and finances. Attendees will also play with a tool that reconciles the constricting mental and emotional patterns behind these dualistic perspectives. By using this tool, participants can experience more ease, peace and confidence about being in business, being of service and money and, as a result, have a greater impact on their communities and the world.

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