Attract Clients by Building a True Community

As spiritual entrepreneurs, perhaps, the most soul-satisfying way of developing our businesses is to build true communities around our work.  In The Different Drum: Community-Making and Peace (Touchstone, 1998), late author and psychiatrist M. Scott Peck describes a true community as having the spirit of peace, love and wisdom sourced from a Higher Power.  He defines true community as a group of people who have made a commitment to respect each other’s needs, support each other and communicate at a deeper and more authentic level.

Every human soul yearns for compassionate connection and support and, as author and visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard says, “we create through connection.”  This is important in both our personal and professional lives.  In our businesses, opening to the flow of clients and money is all about connection.

The best way to enable this connection is through creating community; the term “list-building”, used in traditional business language, is really community-building.  It’s the process of engaging your authentic community (a specific group of people you’re called to serve, who have specific challenges/desires) and developing a true community around their needs and the Higher Purpose or broader vision of your work.

Express Your Inspiring Vision Through Your Community

Underneath your authentic community members’ core challenges and desires is a deep longing to connect with the meaning behind their experiences, to connect to others with the same challenges/desires and to be inspired by a larger vision.  Through your community, you can help them satisfy this longing. You can help them understand the relationship between what they’re healing in themselves (the focus of your work) and what’s calling for transformation and healing in the broader world.

This is where your inspiring vision comes in.  Your inspiring vision is related to the Higher Purpose of your work and offers a glimpse of an uplifting “alternate” reality – a passionately-desired future world that will be consciously created as more people align their energy and actions with this vision.

The benefits of co-creating a true community that addresses your prospective clients’ challenges and desires, while connecting them with this larger, inspiring vision, are huge.   In terms of your business, you’ll find that attracting clients, money and sales will become a much easier and more joyful process.

The First Step: Engage and Grow Your Community

Here are four tips to help you jumpstart, fine-tune or expand your community-building activities:

1)  Name your community and relate this to your brand.

Naming your community is like switching on a light that acts as a beacon.  If you have a client-attractive brand name, consider naming your community after your brand.  For example, my brand is The Prosperous Healer™, and the name of my community is The Prosperous Healer™ Community.

A brand name is a succinct phrase or set of words (six or less) that conveys the essence of your work.  Your brand name captures the core benefit your authentic community members are seeking, that your services and products offer (for example, “to be prosperous”).  Your brand may also identify who your services and products are intended for – in other words, your authentic community (for example, “healers”).

2)  Define the purpose or intention of your community.

After you’ve named your community, articulate its intention or objective.  Relate this intention to your authentic community’s key desires and your Higher Purpose/inspiring vision.

For example, The Prosperous Healer™ Community is a global “tribe” of healers and lightworkers holding the collective intention of sharing their gifts in a big way, for the Highest Benefit of all, and expanding into financial wealth and all forms of abundance, while helping build an economy based on wellness, sufficiency, love, joy and service.

3) Use a heartfelt, complimentary offer to invite members to join your community.

The best way of engaging people and enrolling them into your community is to extend a heartfelt, complimentary offer in exchange for their names and email addresses.  Create an offer of high value that addresses your authentic community’s needs – their core challenge and key desire.

For example, this e-zine and my learning guide, Attract Clients and Money With Ease and Joy, are complimentary offers I’ve created to invite healers, like you, to join The Prosperous Healer™ Community.

4) Partner with others to grow your community.

Once you’ve completed the previous three steps, you’re ready to partner with individuals, businesses and groups who, also, serve your authentic community and develop win-win activities that help you grow your community, while supporting your partners, as well.

Potential community-building partnership activities could include:

  • sending emails to each other’s lists promoting your complimentary offers;

  • exchanging articles in each other’s publications that lead to your complimentary offers; or

  • speaking to each other’s communities and extending your complimentary offers at the end.

Building a true community around your business can be an immensely joyful experience when you stay connected to your inspiring, Higher Vision and allow Spirit to express itself through you.  It’s an elegant and deeply gratifying way to serve, attract clients and money and put your healing gifts out powerfully into the world.

To learn more about how to attract clients by building a community around your work, enroll in The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Private Coaching Program or The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Group Coaching Program.

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