Attract Clients With a Clear Marketing Message

rsz_marketing_message (2)If you were to ask business coaches to provide fundamental reasons why business owners, of any type, have difficulty creating a consistent client/cash flow, I guarantee that “unclear marketing messages” will be one of the reasons on that list.

The first place I always start with a client, in terms of the practical aspects of business development, is to help her/him identify her/his authentic community (niche or target market) and articulate a clear, magnetic marketing message directed at this group of people. Even clients who come to me who have been running their healing practices/businesses for many years often have unclear, untargetted, overly-generic or incomplete marketing messages.

Having a clear, compelling marketing message is one of the pillars of creating a financially strong and sustainable business of any type, including holistic health/wellness services. Your marketing message is the most important piece of communication you share with your community members that will get their attention and inspire them to engage with you. It will give your business model and relationship-building activities (i.e., marketing) focus and direction, help you find and attract clients more easily and build your healing business with less effort and better results.

Characteristics of a Clear Marketing Message

Your marketing message needs to speak directly to your clearly-defined authentic community and capture the core challenges these people are experiencing. It also needs to highlight, front and center, the ultimate benefits your services provide to this group that address these challenges. Finally, it needs to convey your unique brilliance in how you approach these challenges and deliver these benefits.

Three of the main components of a clear marketing message are as follows:

1) It starts with articulating your “who”.

From a business perspective, there’s a certain, authentic client with specific life challenges and desires who you really, really excel at serving and who you feel passionate about serving. She or he understands, values and benefits the most from your services and products.

Spiritually, this authentic client belongs to your soul group, and you’re meant to help this person heal (often, because you’re here to heal similar patterns, wounds or conditions in yourself). Also, serving this client allows you to express the uniqueness of your Higher Self.

Committing to your authentic clients/community is an important step to take. Doing so will help you direct and use your energy more efficiently and effectively for marketing your offerings and serving the people you’re truly meant to serve, as part of your business’s Higher Purpose.

2) Once you’ve named your “who”, you’re ready to describe your “what”.

Your “what” is the core benefit you provide to your authentic community through your services and/or products. It’s a solution to the challenges you’ve identified that your authentic community have. It’s the key desire your community members have that you’re able to help them fulfill.

Your core benefit description captures a clear result that has both tangible and intangible benefits. It’s the ultimate reason your community members buy from you.

3) When you have your “who” and “what” expressed, then, you can convey your “how”.

Besides not having a clear “who” and “what”, one of the main errors that therapists and holistic/wellness practitioners make with their marketing messages and materials (e.g., websites, brochures, etc.) is that they put their “how” — or their process — front and center. In fact, if you look at many practitioners’ promotional vehicles, they are overly focused on describing the modalities they use.

I often say to clients, “most of your prospective clients are not buying your ‘how’, they’re buying your ‘who’ and your ‘what’.” In a prospective client’s mind, the healing modalities you use are, usually, a secondary consideration to the benefits you offer.

This isn’t to say that there’s no place for your process or your “how” in your marketing message/materials; it’s a matter of where you position it. The place to position your how is after your “who” and “what” — not before.

Even if you use modalities other practitioners use, you have your own unique style or approach to integrating and using these modalities and helping facilitate your clients’ healing. Your “how” captures the distinguishing characteristics and unique/distinct process you offer through your services/products. This may be reflected in a branded signature program you offer.

Words and messages carry vibrations that can attract and uplift people, so having a captivating, memorable brand and clear, well-articulated, magnetic marketing message are powerful tools for attracting your authentic clients.

In Modules Three and Four of The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Training and Coaching Program, I help participants identify their authentic community, create a memorable brand and articulate a powerful marketing message that magnetizes clients.

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