Opening the Receiving Door: How to Make it Okay to Sell and Receive Money for Your Healing Services


rsz_3givingandreceiving“I had the realization, recently, that I spent the first few years of my healing practice seeking validation of the value of what I do and that I’m skilled and competent enough. Although my confidence and trust in my abilities and the value of what I offer has increased, I still have some doubts and find it difficult to sell my services.

I know I’m not doing this as directly and effectively as I could be. For example, I tend to hide myself a lot behind email offers. I think there is some energy block there, still, about the whole process of selling. I feel shy and uncomfortable doing it, so I’m actually avoiding opportunities to sell in a more personal, direct way. I think part of me is hoping my practice will just fill itself without me having to sell.”


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