How to Tap Into Our Core Energy to Create Thriving Businesses With Ease and Joy

rsz_1core_energyI received a perfectly-timed gift from my sister-in-law, when she presented me with a most warm and nourishing jasper stone.  Since we’re constantly being guided and supported, this was no arbitrary gift.  As I sensed and felt the healing properties of this stone and went online to validate and explore this further, I discovered that jasper is ideal for tapping into one’s core – that inner Source of bountiful creativity and abundant physical and psychic energy.

The reason the timing of this gift was so perfect is because shifting to the ease and joy paradigm has been one of the operating principles of my business from the beginning, and as I embark on new phases, my understanding and embodiment of this principle evolves.  A new phase had commenced last fall, and the beginning of this year heralded opportunities and signals to practice balance and to create my business (and my life) from my core more intentionally and expansively than ever before.

Interestingly, “staying balanced and energized while serving clients” and “not having our energy output in serving others come at a personal expense to ourselves” are e-zine topics that clients have recently submitted to me.  Clearly, it’s time to move away from the prevailing models of working, running businesses, and being “helping professionals”, because they’re destructive and life-depleting.  These models foster a disconnection from our core energy, because they prize efforting, struggling, straining, draining and sacrificing ourselves in order to serve others and/or a cause, to build our work and businesses and to meet our material needs.  The exciting truth is that we can learn how to tap into our core energy and develop our businesses from a place of greater vitality, creativity, ease and joy.

Our Core Energy: The Boundless Source Within

American psychologist Abraham Maslow’s groundbreaking research on self-actualizing people provided remarkable insights about those who live from their core energy.  He discovered that these individuals are amongst the happiest, healthiest, most creative and energetic people in the world.  He also concluded that self-actualizers cherish and embody qualities such as simplicity, wholeness, sufficiency, effortlessness, truth, honesty and uniqueness.

Serving others and creating and growing our businesses, with ease and joy, require cultivation of these values and our natural self-actualizing tendencies, so we can strengthen our connection to our core energy.  By fortifying these propensities, we more easily transform fear-based patterns and behaviours, our lives and businesses flow more, and we feel happier, freer and more fulfilled.   We embark on a process of continuous energy release, growth and unfolding of potential.

Attuning to Our Core Energy

The place to begin with attuning to our core energy is to value ourselves and live our lives and operate our businesses in ways that demonstrate this.  On this basis, we can learn to live from our core energy using these practices, processes and tools:

1) Consciously track energy drains, discern what needs to change, and get help with this.

Energy drains can block our connection to our core energy.  However, our emotions, triggers and reactive patterns provide feedback about where we’re “leaking” our energy and can point us to the underlying causes. Amongst these are our “shadow” patterns and behaviours, codependent inner and outer reactions, unresolved childhood wounding and unresolved traumas.  Doing our inner work through psychotherapy, energy and spiritual healing can help us bring our energy “back to ourselves”, resolve these patterns and behaviours and become “fully functioning” people.  We develop assertiveness (one of the characteristics of self-actualizers) and healthy inner and outer boundaries that “contain” our energy.

2) Wear, meditate with and/or tune into the jasper stone.

According to Rodika Tchi ( Feng Shui), jasper will benefit us if we need more energy, vitality and determination to pursue our goals.  “This stone helps you understand that you can stay committed and determined without exhausting yourself or ruining your health  … and is especially helpful for people who easily burn out.  It will help achieve a subtle balance between giving and receiving and can teach how to stay balanced and replenish the inner energy resources.”

3) Nurture ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

We can easily slip into habits that ignore our physical needs.  It’s important to eat a nutritious diet, drink plenty of water, exercise and condition our bodies and get adequate sleep and rest.

Besides this, I’ve found that  learning how to relax my body into the feeling of effortlessness has been vitally important, because when my body relaxes, my mind and emotions relax, too, and I feel connected.  In Zen and the Art of Archery, the author, Eugen Herrigel, learned that changing the way he breathed so that it was deeper induced greater relaxation, increased his strength, energy and power and improved his external performance.

For me, this has translated into a practice in moment-by-moment awareness and relaxing my body using full breathing, as much as possible, especially in the midst of activity and interactions with clients and other people.  I’ve been honing my ability to notice and release the sometimes subtle tension patterns that “to do” lists, others needs in relation to me, and my needs in relation to others can trigger.

4) Invoke and practice embodying qualities that connect us with our core energy.

As mentioned, self-actualizers embody qualities such as simplicity, wholeness, sufficiency, effortlessness, ease, joy, truth, honesty and uniqueness.  To start to embody these qualities more, we can pick the qualities we’d like to experience and imitate them.  What does embodying these qualities feel, sound and look like?  We can pick one quality at a time and practice feeling, speaking and moving/acting like this quality for a day, a week or a month.  Then, we can continue the practice with the other qualities.

Attuning to our core energy is a necessity for change makers, like you and me, if we are to carry out our sacred mission and purpose.  As we integrate the intentions and implement the practices that help us attune to our core energy, we deepen the sense of ease and joy with which we serve others and create our businesses, while harnessing the energy we need to thrive and expand into our greatest potential as Prosperous Healers.

In The Prosperous Healer™ Inner Mastery Sessions, using spiritual self-healing processes, I help clients attune to their core energy by:

* releasing patterns of resistance that create suffering for them and make it difficult to authentically express themselves and experience their businesses/work/lives with consistent simplicity, ease and joy;

* developing and embodying a more integrated, loving and whole sense of themselves, so they can bring forth their greatest gifts and serve others and the world in healthy ways;

* unifying their inner female and male energies, so they can enjoy a more balanced, functional and optimally creative way of being in their lives and businesses; and

* bringing peace and harmony to their relationships with themselves, others, money, work, business and life.

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