How to Use an Inspiring Campaign to Attract Clients and Serve the World

rsz_inspiring_campaign 1When I was a professional fund raising executive, I worked on a number of “capital campaigns”, which are intensive initiatives designed to raise significant funds (millions of dollars) for building acquisitions, construction, renovations and/or equipment for not-for-profit organizations.

Aside from the actual dollars raised, these campaigns increased public awareness about specific causes, raised the organizations’ visibility and reputations in their communities, reaffirmed and increased existing donors’ financial commitments, attracted new donors and built a support base of loyal volunteers.

Important components of success for these initiatives were relationship-building and collaboration, as well as conveying a vision and brand for each campaign that galvanized action and participation.

For coaches, therapists and wellness professionals who want to use inspiring, authentic, collaborative approaches to attract clients and build their businesses, the campaign concept can be adapted to great effect.

5 Steps to Creating Your Own Inspiring Campaign

Using your own creativity and inspiration, you can design an inspiring campaign as a “high-touch” way of raising your business’s profile and attracting clients, while supporting others. Here are five steps to launch your campaign:

1. If you haven’t already done so, create a “signature” talk or workshop.

Your signature talk or workshop could be the foundation of your campaign. This is a high-value presentation that captures your core, unique message and gives your audience a taste of your work. It also speaks to your authentic community’s (i.e., target market’s) core challenge and offers information, tools and resources to address this challenge. If one of your paid offerings is a core service or program for your authentic community, your signature talk or workshop can provide some highlights from this program.

2. Using your Inner Guidance, come up with an inspiring campaign name that ties in with your brand name.

This may also reflect your authentic community, your core message and the “Higher Purpose or Vision” of your business and, if this works, the concept of giving back or paying-it-forward. For example, my brand name is “The Prosperous Healer”. The name of my inspiring campaign is, “Spread the Love and Prosperity: An Empowerment and Pay-It-Forward Campaign for Coaches, Therapists & Wellness Professionals”.

3. Create a flyer or brochure for your inspiring campaign/signature presentation.

Your main promotional tool for your campaign will be a flyer with a brief description of your campaign, the title, logo, description and benefits of your signature talk/workshop, who it is for, date/location/time/cost, your bio, headshot and a few testimonials for your work.

4. Set a fee that will be donated, partially or fully, to a charity.

This is part of the “pay-it-forward” approach. If you’re doing a one-hour signature talk, you could charge a nominal fee such as $10 – $20 per person. If you’re doing a half-day workshop, you could donate a percentage of your total fee for your workshop to a specific charity. By charging for the event, you’re raising money for a worthy cause and giving participants the opportunity to affirm their abundance and generosity, as well as acknowledge that they are receiving something of value.

5. Approach prospective partners and invite their participation.

Visualize connecting easily and enjoyably with businesses, organizations, groups and individuals involved with or also serving your authentic community. Then open to where your guidance leads you, as you research and identify these prospective partners. Start with the ones you already know, while also doing outreach to build relationships with ones you don’t yet know.

The best way to approach prospective partners that you don’t know is either in person or by phone and explain who you are, that you have undertaken a pay-it-forward campaign, a little bit about the campaign and your signature talk/workshop, and that you’d like to invite their participation as hosts.

Highlight what the benefits to them would be for hosting, such as choosing the charitable recipient for the funds raised, raising their own profile and, potentially, attracting new contacts, clients or supporters themselves.   Additionally, if guided, you can offer to explore other means of providing them with value and support in exchange for their participation.

Be sure to clarify that as hosts, they would promote the event to their clients/supporters/contacts, host the event at their location and that you would provide them with everything they need to do so.

Quadruple-Win Benefits

Creating an inspiring campaign is truly an abundance-based marketing approach that results in multiple blessings for all:

1) The charitable organizations that are the financial beneficiaries of your signature presentation events receive funds and increased public awareness about their causes.

2) The hosts get to be of service to friends, colleagues, customers, clients, supporters, and the charitable organizations they select to receive the event proceeds, raise their own profiles and attract new business and contacts.   Also, they receive compensation in the form of whatever valuable exchange you’ve collaboratively determined.

3) The event participants benefit from a fabulous experience, valuable information and resources and tools that will help them with the challenges you specialize in addressing.

4) You benefit from the direct, personal exposure to your authentic community members and the opportunity to build your business in a very inspiring, heart-centered, effective, low-cost, leveraged way.

When you allow your Higher Guidance to inspire your campaign, you are of great service to others, while putting your message and gifts out powerfully and attracting clients in an elegant, enjoyable and deeply gratifying way.

In The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Program, I teach and coach participants on how to develop and use a signature talk/workshop as part of an effective client enrollment process and an inspiring campaign that serves others and the world.

To find out more about the Spread the Love and Prosperity Campaign and how you can participate, visit this page.

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