How to Package Multiple Services in a Coherent, Client-Attractive Way


rsz_1packaging“My weakest area, I believe, is packaging my multi-service story practice in a coherent way for my audience of conscious professionals seeking a fresh and inspired approach to their personal or business challenge. As I also offer trainings in workplace stress reduction and team building, I also need help pricing my services for non-profits and companies.”


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4 Responses to How to Package Multiple Services in a Coherent, Client-Attractive Way

  1. Cath says:

    Great post, really found it helpful as I am a diverse healer and this helped focus.

  2. Juliet Bruce says:


    Thank you so very much. Your insights and suggestions are helpful and confirm what I’ve been suspecting:that my marketing is not systematic and my web site and social media outreach — though interesting to many — may be too scattered and confusing about what I can do for prospective clients. (My personal networking, radio interviewing, and workshops are more clearly directed at my authentic community, but that can be refined as well.)

    A couple of things you said really stand out: First, looking at where my own story intersects with my authentic community’s, and second, bundling services around a theme that serves their core challenge. Both of these are creative and focused on their need, not just on my offering.

    I’m looking forward to the time when I can take full advantage of your services.

    Warm holiday wishes,

    • admin says:

      I’m so glad this audio post was helpful, Juliet! I love the essence of what you’re offering and I can see that, with some fine-tuning, how you package, market and sell your services can be very effective.

      Warm holiday wishes to you, too!

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