The Truth About Marketing and Selling

Resistance… we all know it well as part of our human experience. It’s that separate state of being that keeps us from realizing our True Identity and potential. It’s that wall that blocks us from the fulfillment of our dreams and desires. It’s those insidious, limiting beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that keep us in repetitive loops of self-sabotaging behaviours and prevent us from moving forward. Resistance can be subtle (or not); it’s often easy to spot in others, but difficult to see in ourselves.

As a business coach and spiritual healer, one of the things I do is to help my clients recognize and release their resistance, so they can experience inner freedom, take inspired action to build their healing businesses and fulfill their potential and Higher Purpose. While many things can trigger clients’ resistance regarding their businesses, marketing and selling definitely top the list. In fact, when clients first come to me, often, they’re not focused consistently and/or effectively on marketing and selling their offerings. With a bit of investigation, we usually uncover the false beliefs and thoughts underlying these behaviours.

Returning to Love

To be honest, I’ve confronted the same patterns in myself. When I started my first business eleven years ago, I possessed marketing and selling skills I’d developed in my previous career. However, I was deeply resistant to using them on behalf of my own business. I had many negative emotions about promoting and selling my own offerings.

As I did more inner work, I learned that, as non-physical spiritual guides Abraham suggest, any negative emotion I experienced was a message from my inner being that I was thinking a negative thought. And, the more I investigated those negative thoughts, the more I experienced the reality metaphysical teacher John McCurdy describes: “If you’re feeling negative emotion about something, you’re thinking something that isn’t true. Period.”

As I invested myself in clearing my inner patterns of resistance about marketing and selling, the truth started to emerge. I experienced a miracle – a shift in perception – a return to love (as Marianne Williamson would describe it). I began to see marketing and selling as they truly are, free of my distorted projections.

What Marketing and Selling Really Are

During a session I had with a mentor coach a number of years ago, I had a major breakthrough. I realized that the one and only ultimate thing I’m here to “do” is be a conduit of unconditional love, and marketing and selling my offerings are a means of expressing and sharing that love. I also realized that marketing and selling are really just an extension of my services – another way of serving my authentic community.

If you’re like me, you love what you do. You love using your gifts – doing so makes your heart sing! The question is, do marketing and selling your services and/or products make your heart sing, also, and if not, why? What emotions, thoughts and beliefs are you holding about these activities? What story are you telling yourself that isn’t true? How can you share your love and serve your community by marketing and selling your offerings?

Sharing Your Love and Being of Service

Consider the following tips and perspectives to help you love marketing and selling your services and/or products and make these activities easier for you:

  1. Using the questions from above and your own Higher Guidance, do an inner check-in to determine where you stand energetically about marketing and selling. Then, clear any identified resistance and align yourself with love, using energy/spiritual healing tools that resonate with you.
  2. Reinforce your inner shifts by consciously changing your behaviour. How much time do you currently spend weekly on marketing and selling? Allocate an adequate amount of your weekly business hours. Spend time developing your business (i.e. marketing and selling), not just working in your business (creating and delivering services/products).
  3. The clearer you are about who you serve (your authentic community), their top challenges and the core benefits they receive from your services and products, the easier it will be to market and sell your offerings. Also, the clearer you can describe these things in words (your marketing message), the easier it will be for your community to grasp the value of your offerings and the more likely it will be that they sign up as clients.
  4. Marketing is really the process of building heart-centered relationships with your authentic community. If you don’t already do so, choose one relationship-building activity that YOU REALLY LOVE TO DO and commit to doing it regularly (e.g., speaking, writing, sample sessions, live or social networking, etc.). When you’ve established consistency with that activity, then gradually add other relationship-building activities you enjoy and do them consistently. Give your community members some valuable free “tastes” of your offerings.
  5. Selling is really a service. It’s expressing your love for your community members by inviting them to commit to their own well-being. It’s really not self-serving, because it’s not about you; it’s about the gift of transformation you offer. The key to successful selling, with ease and joy, is that you must love the transformative services and products you offer and believe completely in their value and benefits to your community members.
  6. Detach from the outcomes of your sales offers. Spiritual teacher and author Byron Katie says that there are three types of business in the universe: mine, yours and God’s. She also says that “our stress comes from mentally living out of our own business.” Your prospective clients’ purchasing decisions are not your business. If you make them your business, the effect will be separation (i.e., resistance). Choose love and trust instead. 

Where we dwell in consciousness is where we truly dwell. As healers and lightworkers, we’re here to clear the projector – our own consciousness – in order to anchor the vibration of unconditional love on this planet. As spiritual entrepreneurs, it’s imperative that we start by clearing away the false beliefs, thoughts, emotions and images we carry about marketing and selling, so we can unabashedly share our gifts with the world and fulfill our Higher Purpose. It’s time to return to our natural state…to return to love.

To clear your fears and resistance about marketing and selling your healing services and products and learn how to market and sell authentically, effectively, easily and joyfully, join The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Coaching Club.

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  1. Very wise! So true that we need to reframe from “selling” to “service” is how I put it. We are here to be the hands and voice of Love and Spirit, and if we don’t tell people about what we do, how can we help them?

    Thanks for the wisdom!
    I signed up for your email list and also liked your fan page.

    I look forward to connecting more with you!
    We are kindred spirits, for sure.

    Bright blessings,

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Sage! Yes, I can see that we are kindred spirits, indeed. I love what you offer! Keep shining your light…

      Love and Blessings,


  2. Another great piece – thanks!

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