Four Manifestation Tips for Your Business

rsz_1moneyfallingfromskyWhen I was in my early 20s, I had what I believe were my first truly conscious experiences of manifestation and flow. I had spent a year working after my university graduation to save money for a six-month backpacking trip through Europe. When I was four and a half months into the trip, it was apparent that my financial reserves were dwindling, and it looked like I wouldn’t have the resources to finish the journey.

Despite this, I was determined to complete my itinerary and continued joyfully travelling in full faith that everything would work out. I was having such a great time! This fearless faith and conscious connection to my invisible supply resulted in all sorts of seeming miracles. I was given food and shelter by friends and people I met along the way, my uncles in Ireland both gave me money, unexpectedly, after a visit with them, and I was able to hitchhike to all the remaining destinations I wanted to visit.

My final “demonstrations” that the Universe had my back occurred when I was completely out of money in London, and a friend gifted me the money to get to the airport to fly home as a “thank you” for making dinner. When I got to Gatwick Airport, I was put on a standby list and told by several other backpackers that they had been trying, unsuccessfully, to fly home on standby every day for the previous three weeks. In spite of this, I felt calm and confident. All of us on the standby list got onto the flight back to Canada that day, and what a party it was on the return journey!

Since that time, my embodied understanding of spiritual prosperity principles has deepened (and continues to deepen), resulting in innumerable demonstrations of flow in my life. The realization of these principles has helped me manifest many material and non-material blessings, including the creation of a prosperous, purposeful, fulfilling business I love, that supports me and allows me to be of service and express my greatest gifts.

What I’ve Learned About Allowing the Flow

The realization of spiritual truths about prosperity cannot occur in our businesses if we don’t, also, take steps to consciously investigate and process our dualistic, shadow beliefs, thoughts and feelings about money, business, marketing and selling and our limiting identity attachments. These patterns create blocks to manifesting, receiving and self-realization.

As we process these shadow patterns, we become more effective at embodying and applying prosperity teachings in our businesses. Here are some principles and tips you can apply right away, to allow the flow:

1.  Break the worry/fear habit: take your focus off external conditions.

Are you looking at a bank balance that appears to be small and wondering how you’re going to make ends meet? Are you getting anxious because your business is not attracting the number of clients you’d like? Are you looking at your present circumstances and starting to panic and think you’ll never get your business into a thriving position?

As challenging as this may be, resist the inclination to “judge by appearances”. Metaphysician Florence Scovel Shinn says, “Do not be fooled by the darkness before the dawn”. Don’t be discouraged by seemingly bleak conditions, as they merely signify the “breakdown” before the “breakthrough”.

2.  Claim your creative power.

You and the Creative Principle of the Universe are one and the same. Make conscious contact with the Creative Principle and your good/supply, on a daily basis, through the spoken word. Prosperity teacher Catherine Ponder says, “It is through the spoken word of prosperity that your words move on that invisible substance, form it as definite results, and give birth to it in the visible world.”

Find a statement of truth for prosperity that resonates for you, and use it. Better yet, formulate it into a command, go to the theta brain wave state where you automatically connect with the Creative Principle within you and make your command. (The One Command® and theta brain wave manifesting are highly effective).

3.  Detach, prepare for your good and follow your intuition.

If you look back on your life, you’ll notice that the goals that were easiest for you to attain were the ones you felt completely relaxed and detached about. You can cultivate this sense of surrender/detachment by using the Sedona Method® and consciously letting go of any desires for approval, security or control associated with the fulfillment of your goals.

In this relaxed state of being, you can prepare for your good by moving forward fearlessly, following your intuitive leads and taking inspired actions that demonstrate trust that your goals will be fulfilled and your supply will manifest “into the visible world”. Expect your good to manifest, and act accordingly.

4.  Look for and celebrate the “evidence” and express gratitude.

Gently watch for the demonstrations of your good. Sometimes, we’re “asleep” and don’t notice that we’re actually inundated with evidence of the fulfillment of our needs and desires. Or, often, before the complete fulfillment of a goal, we’ll get what looks like a partial or seemingly “imperfect” manifestation. Don’t be discouraged, but rather, celebrate this as evidence that your good is on its way to you.

Notice all the signs and demonstrations, write them down in a success journal, celebrate them and give thanks. I have a gratitude rattle I love to shake, thanking Source whenever I receive a demonstration of my good, no matter how “small”. I even shake it when presented with a challenge, affirming gratitude for the solution, which I know is forthcoming.

When we own our power as Prosperous Healers, we experience direct knowledge that we are one with Infinite Intelligence, that Infinite Intelligence supplies every need and that the true source of our good, material and otherwise, is our realization of these truths.

Through a dynamic process of coaching, teaching and energy/spiritual healing, clients who work with me release fears and doubts about themselves, their businesses and financial situations and develop a stronger connection with their Source Mind, tapping into their innate, creative ability to manifest the results they want in their businesses and lives.

To explore how we can collaborate together to bring forth your greatest gifts and express them through a thriving, purposeful business that serves others and the world, contact me at and visit .

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