How to Manifest a Financially Prosperous Healing Business

love and prosperity graphic 1Question #1:

“I have been working on manifesting in every way;  it is one of the workshops I would love to teach.   However, for some unknown reason to me, it just doesn’t seem to be working. I visualize, meditate, vision board, believe, and I even have an ancient grid that was given to me by my Reiki masters, with crystals, and I charge it every day. I truly would like to get my life back and be able to do my life’s purpose.”


Question #2: 

“Part of my dilemma, right now, has to do with transitioning my part-time career into a primary career, where it’s financially prosperous and self-rewarding. My intentions are to create a lucrative, prosperous, self-generating life. I want to learn new ways of being involving the metaphysics of money and conscious creation, inner mastery, and how to heal resistance that’s affecting my business and financial situation.”



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