Opening Heaven’s Gate: The Key to Prosperous Business Relationships

rsz_heavensgate2When I was operating my first business as a fund raising consultant, I became aware of archetypal patterns playing out in my business and personal relationships.  These relationship dynamics had existed for many years, although I was not previously conscious of them.  Through some deep inner work, I discovered that polarized archetypal “themes” kept repeating in my work and business experiences. The dominant ones for me were “victim-tyrant”, “victim-saviour” and “victim-rebel”.   Typically, I identified most with the victim and saviour personas, although the rebel was always there, too, lurking in the background. The tyrant I couldn’t identify with at all;  it was completely hidden in my unconscious mind.

As my understanding of these archetypal personas grew, I learned about the concept of “mirrors” in relationships.   Since we all have all four archetypes in our personality patterning, we have the potential to live them out in our relationships and interactions with others.  We can draw to us archetypal personality types as mirrors, acting out our unconscious opposite for us.   So, invariably, my unconscious tyrant was projected out onto some person in my work/business life, who I was experiencing as controlling, abusive and manipulative.

Over the ensuing years, identifying, witnessing, processing and reconciling these polarized personas within me have been some of the most transformative practices I’ve ever learned and applied.   These practices have been essential to the way I approach my business. They have allowed me to enjoy balanced, healthy, business relationships that have produced all forms of financial and non-financial prosperity.

Untying the Knot of Vishnu

The root of these polarized archetypal personas and the dualistic consciousness that feeds them is located, energetically, in the third chakra system.  This is the push-pull, expanding-contracting, polarized nature of the paradigm of separation.  It’s expressed through the third chakra as polarities such as win-lose, victim-tyrant, authority-subservience and power-powerlessness, and it comes out in our relationships and interactions with others.

Leslie Temple-Thurston, author of The Marriage of Spirit, Enlightened Living in Today’s World, says that when we do processing work to reconcile these polarities within us, we’re “moving from the old paradigm of polarized power and powerlessness into the new paradigm, which is heart-centered and of a more unified nature.”  This is, then, reflected in our relationships and all of our external experiences (including our experiences with money).

There’s a density of consciousness located between the third and fourth chakras – a knot in consciousness, known in eastern Yoga philosophy as the “Knot of Vishnu” (Leslie’s guides call it “Heaven’s Gate”).  This knot is squeezing the shushumna shut very tightly (the channel of enlightenment that exists in all of us).  As we identify, process and unify the polarities of the third chakra system, we’re loosening and untying that knot.  We’re moving away from the win-lose, either-or, fear-based system of dualistic consciousness, into the win-win, both-and, love-based system of the awakened heart.

How to Open Heaven’s Gate

Untying the Knot of Vishnu or opening Heaven’s Gate is the process of the heart opening and awakening.  Naturally, this energetic shift in consciousness has a big impact on our relationships, our businesses and our lives.  Here are some tips to help you open Heaven’s Gate:

1. When something feels uncomfortable or is triggering you in any of your business relationships, or you’re experiencing a conflict, reflect on the situation to discern how the four core archetypes are playing out some unbalanced dynamic.

2. Identify the archetypal persona you’re acting out in this situation and the polarized persona being mirrored in the other person, and find where that persona exists in you.  Ask yourself, “How and when do I act out the persona of the X that I’m seeing in Y?”  “With whom do I act out this persona?” “Why do I act out this persona?”  Why do I not want to see this persona in myself?”  For an archetype such as the tyrant, this can be a really challenging thing to do, because most of us have a strong aversion to this persona and, as a result, often, deny its existence within ourselves.  It can be a real blind spot.

3. In Leslie Temple-Thurston’s book, she offers powerful processing tools that she calls Unification of Opposites techniques.  A truncated version of her polarity processing tool would be, simply, to mentally offer up the polarized archetypal personas you’ve identified in the situation with a prayer, and wait for grace.  For example, “Spirit, I offer up the polarized personas of the tyrant and the victim and ask for release from this imbalance.  I give thanks knowing this will be done.”  Hold the feeling of surrender and gratitude for a moment.

Opening Heaven’s Gate moves us into the paradigm of the heart – the system of flow, where we have more faith, trust, vision, balance and compassion resulting in prosperous and mutually-beneficial business relationships of all kinds.  In this system, there is never an empty state but, rather, a continuous emanation and flow of energy and fullness.

In The Prosperous Healer™ Inner Mastery Sessions, I help clients to process and clear archetypal patterns that are affecting them and their businesses adversely, open Heaven’s Gate and experience the flow of the awakened heart.

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