Comparisonless Marketing: How to Capture Your Unique Brilliance Without Succumbing to Fear

His voice sounds deflated, almost defeated, on the phone. “I’ve written some copy for my website, but it’s been a real struggle to express what I do and what sets it apart from what other people offer. Can I email it to you, so you can have a look at it?”

The email arrives, and I open it. I print out the attachment with my client’s marketing copy and read what he’s written. Feelings of compassion wash over me. I can sense his dilemma … his struggle.

Energetically, fears of insufficiency and unworthiness weave their way throughout his writing. The words feel inauthentic and false and do not capture what I know to be true about this gifted healer and his unique brilliance. Wounding and shame emerge from the shadows of the page. They show up in my client’s attempt to articulate the flaws or inadequacies of other healing approaches, in order to elevate or prove the superiority (i.e., worthiness and sufficiency) of his own approach. It’s a soul-destroying act of comparison.

Thankfully, there is a way out of his dilemma. There is a way of conveying the value of my client’s work, without having to resort to comparison and diminishing the value of other healing approaches, or the work of other healers. There is a way of capturing the unique brilliance of what he offers, in a compelling, client-attractive way, without selling his soul.

Ego-Based Marketing and How It Hurts Us All

“Scarcity as a chronic sense of inadequacy about life, becomes the very place from which we think and act and live in the world. It shapes our deepest sense of ourselves and becomes the lens through which we experience life.”

The Soul of Money
Lynne Twist

In our humanness, we’re all subject to the pain and fear of egoic patterns. One of the egoic patterns that can, very insidiously, sneak into our marketing is the habit of using comparison as a means of establishing the value of what we’re offering. The problem with this is twofold:

1) it originates from the illusion of inadequacy — the false “lens through which we experience life”; and

2) as such, it keeps us in the pain of thinking, living and acting in ways that are disconnected from our true nature.

When we use comparison in such a way, this is what we’re, unconsciously, acting out in our marketing, and it’s personally and collectively damaging.

Using comparison in our marketing (or in any other life area) perpetuates our deepest feelings of shame, our deepest individual and collective wounds and the myth of insufficiency. Comparison involves assessing two or more things, people, services or products against each other. Inevitably, some of those things, people, services or products come up short – they just don’t measure up. They’re deemed inadequate … but, against what definitions and standards of sufficiency?

Using comparison in marketing comes from our own darkest fears of inadequacy and the belief that we must “prove” the worthiness and value of our offerings by diminishing the worthiness and value of others’ offerings.

Comparison is dualistic thinking at its most extreme. It keeps us bouncing back and forth in consciousness between polarities such as good/bad, inferior/superior, and adequate/inadequate, robbing us of our peace of mind and the ability to show up in our marketing in an authentically powerful way that truly honours ourselves and others.

How to Capture Your Unique Brilliance in Your Marketing and Keep Your Soul Intact

The way to transcend this egoic, comparative way of promoting your offerings, while conveying their value more powerfully, is to change the lens through which you see and approach your marketing. Here are some tips to help you do that:

  • Rather than asking yourself, “How can I express what sets my work apart from what others offer?”, ask, “How can I capture my unique essence and approach to my work, without comparing what I do to others?” Take other healers or practitioners and their work out of the marketing equation.

  • Identify the parts of your healing work that draw on your own natural gifts, creativity and inspiration. How do your skills, natural abilities, experience, personal qualities, intuition and imagination blend together in your work, expressing your own unique approach to healing? What’s the process you take your clients through? How would you describe all of these elements in words as your unique process and unique selling proposition?

  • Have you, also, articulated your “who” (authentic community) and your “what” (the benefits/results your community members receive through your work)? When you’ve got a magnetic marketing message that includes all of these components, it’s easier to expand on this message in your promotional copy in compelling and inspiring ways, that eliminate the perceived necessity of contrasting your work with other healers’ approaches.

Marketing from the integrity of your True Self is a powerful way of presencing yourself and your work in the world. It’s a radical act that helps heal the egoic distortion of insufficiency that causes so much damage to humanity and our planet, while modelling a new way of being that recognizes and values the sufficiency of all.

In The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Coaching Program, I help participants articulate a magnetic marketing message for their community that captures their unique brilliance in an authentically powerful way.

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3 Responses to Comparisonless Marketing: How to Capture Your Unique Brilliance Without Succumbing to Fear

  1. Brilliant, Mary, and what a fabulous question from your client!

    This is a really great article about perspective and helps many of us see where we still may feel inadequate in some way. Powerful!

    Blessings to you~
    Laura Christine

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Laura! Yes, it is a fabulous question. And, as you’ve alluded to, the feelings of inadequacy can get more and more subtle as we move into the sufficiency paradigm.

      Love to you, dearest Laura!

  2. James Wells says:

    It’s been said that the root of many ills is comparison. Thank you for bringing a healing balm to all of us here, Mary.

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