Birds Of A Feather Flock Together: Why Embracing Those You’re Meant to Serve is Essential to Your Success and Your Soul

No matter how many times I see Canada geese flying in formation, it always enthrals me. Also, it reminds me of the wisdom of nature and how we can use this wisdom in our businesses through the widely-known English proverb, “birds of a feather flock together”. In human terms, this adage means that people with similar interests, experiences, beliefs, desires and/or goals are attracted to one another and tend to congregate.

In business terms, the “birds” who comprise your “flock” are your market – a specific “audience” for your services, with specific challenges and desires. In energetic terms, author Rick Jarow defines this as your community or “the people who are vibrationally aligned with you and your work”. I like to call this group of people your “authentic community”.

Identifying, naming, committing to and serving your authentic community (your flock) is vitally important to client attraction, the highest expression of your healing gifts and deep fulfillment with your work. Yet, about a third of my clients are resistant to this process for a few different reasons.

But, My Work is For Everyone…

“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”
                                                                                             — Bill Cosby

As a healer, when you first envisioned your business, you may have seen yourself as offering your gifts to everyone – to a general “audience”, so to speak. You may think that you can help anyone. And, specific beliefs related to this can prevent you from naming and committing to your authentic community.

The top beliefs I encounter most often are:

1) “If I offer my services and products only to a specific group of people, I’ll be putting my eggs all in one basket, and I won’t attract enough clients.”

New Perspective:

This is based on the fear that identifying your authentic community – a specific group of people – and directing your offerings to this group only, rather than to everyone, will limit your financial prosperity. Interestingly, this actually comes from a lack perspective.

And, ironically, experiences of the vast majority of entrepreneurs demonstrate, repeatedly, that when you direct your offerings to everyone, you actually have more difficulty attracting clients. I can tell you that I was one of those entrepreneurs who experienced that, with my first business, before I connected with my authentic community.

2) “If I offer my services and products only to a specific group of people, I’ll be excluding or rejecting others and, therefore, coming from my ego; so to be inclusive and spiritually evolved, I must offer my work to everyone.”

New Perspective:

This belief is based on the fear of being “unspiritual” by offering your gifts to a specific group of people, at the exclusion of others – the fear that this comes from your Personality Self or Ego, rather than your Higher Self. This perspective comes from the assumption that offering your gifts to a specific group of people means that you’re rejecting or judging other people in some way.

Offering your gifts to your authentic community isn’t about rejection or judgement. It’s about offering your work to those who most understand the value of it and will derive the most benefit from it and, by doing so, having an impact on many more people.

3) “I’m a healer/lightworker and, as such, I’m supposed to help everyone who needs me, in whatever ways that I can.”

New Perspective:

This is based on a fear that many of us healers carry around, unconsciously. I believe it comes from a deep-seated, very unconscious fear that we are unworthy and unlovable and that we must earn worthiness and love by pleasing everyone and helping everyone. It’s the archetypal pattern of the self-sacrificing healer, who feels responsible for everyone’s well-being.

However, offering your gifts from this place can deepen painful patterns of co-dependency and self-denial, drain and scatter your energy, limit the impact of your work and restrict your financial flow.

The bottom line is that you really can’t help anyone and everyone. And, trying to do this and connect with a general audience, offering your services and products to “everyone” in an untargeted way, is a very slow, energy-depleting, unbalanced and overwhelming process for building your business, that keeps you from fully serving those you’re really meant to serve.

Embrace and Fly With Your Flock

From a business perspective, there’s a certain, authentic client with a certain life challenge and/or desire that you really, really excel at serving and that you feel passionate about serving. She or he understands, values and benefits the most from your services and products.

Serving this client allows you to provide better service and develop a stronger “brand” identity. It also allows you to find and attract clients more easily and build your healing business faster, with less effort and better results.

Spiritually, this authentic client belongs to your soul group, and you’re meant to help this person heal (often, because you’re here to heal similar patterns, wounds or conditions in yourself). Also, serving this client allows you to express the uniqueness of your Higher Self.

Committing to your authentic clients/community is an important step to take on the Prosperous Healer’s journey. Doing so will help you direct and use your energy more efficiently and effectively for marketing your offerings and serving the people you’re truly meant to serve, as part of your business’s Higher Purpose.

In The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Coaching Program, I help participants identify their authentic community, discern their community’s needs and articulate a powerful marketing message for their community that magnetizes clients.

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