How to Create Time for You…and Still Have a Thriving Business


“As a small business owner, I am struggling with balance…finding time for ME and always finding something to do for the business. I can never turn my mind OFF. I am always thinking about the next day, the next client, the next project, what do I need to prepare. It never seems to end.”


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4 Responses to How to Create Time for You…and Still Have a Thriving Business

  1. thank you so much Mary for this audio. this brought tears to my eyes. mainly because this is one of areas I struggle with..I realized that I think I do not deserve rest and recreation, and that I have to work for it (be it my business, family, kids, house work…).

  2. admin says:

    You’re so welcome, Marina! Self-care is such a HUGE issue for healers and for women in particular (although men, also, struggle with this). And we’ve all been conditioned to believe that we have to work hard first and put others first in order to deserve and be worthy of meeting our own needs. What if we switched the paradigm and we gave ourselves what we need first every day and then turned our attention to our other responsibiities? How transformational would that be? Perhaps, this would make a great 40-day challenge!!

  3. Hi Mary,

    Healers and coaches need to be conscious that prosperity starts from within.
    I used to have the belief that what I have was not enough and as a result I was overworking to attract more clients.

    As you say the scarcity paradigm is the one that sabotages our success.

    By changing the beliefs we have about ourselves and our business, the belief that infinite prosperity is already here for all of us helps realign with the vibration of infinite abundance.

    Best wishes and thanks for sharing!

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