How to Stay Inspired When No One is Responding to Your Offer


“I have a new program ready to market to my authentic community.  I’m excited about it and know that it is a fun, inspiring program that works!  I’ve put a few messages out to my community, but haven’t had any responses.  What advice do you have for keeping my enthusiasm up so that I keep putting my new offering out there, rather than simply giving up?”


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4 Responses to How to Stay Inspired When No One is Responding to Your Offer

  1. Thanks Mary,
    Great response to this question! I have found detachment to be key! It has to do with the ‘control’ factor. I believe you mentioned “hootlessness,” which sounds to me like the same thing. I’ve found that to be detached, a tremendous amount of trust must be in place ~ trust in Self and faith that when we allow ourselves to feel joy, no matter what events are taking place in our lives, we align with the flow of the Universe! A new program or offering may be the “final destination” so to speak, or maybe it was developed as the next step on the path toward what’s REALLY coming next! We never know until we take that step… and as long as we’re stepping, the Universe can direct us in the most beneficial direction!

    Thanks again for the wonderful, thought- & heart-provoking response. Very helpful!!

    Love and Blessings~

    • admin says:

      I’m glad it was helpful, dearest Laura! And I SO LOVE the wisdom you’ve captured in your comment — especially this idea that a new program or offering may be a “final destination” or may be a next step on our path toward what’s really coming. Brilliant! You’re such a shining example of trust and grace…

      Love and Blessings,


  2. Mary, that was a great audio, thank you! I really liked the part about the natural progression of our offers…This is so true. I have started my business in November and only right now it is picking up and I am getting clients from referrals, so everything, like a garden, needs time to grow!

    • admin says:

      I’m glad it was helpful, Marina! And congratulations on your business’s launch and development!! The garden metaphor is very appropriate.

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