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How to Establish Financial Security

Question: “I’ve finally got a heart-centered marketing plan for my practice, and I really want to move forward toward creating a financially viable wellness business.  However, I’m not sure that my mindset is there yet.  I still have a lot … Continue reading

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Inspiring Sales Conversations That Enroll Clients

At some point in your life, you’ve probably been at the receiving end of a traditional sales pitch and, perhaps, you’ve walked away feeling like the prey of a predatory animal. As someone once commented to me about such an … Continue reading

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Birds Of A Feather Flock Together: Why Embracing Those You’re Meant to Serve is Essential to Your Success and Your Soul

No matter how many times I see Canada geese flying in formation, it always enthrals me. Also, it reminds me of the wisdom of nature and how we can use this wisdom in our businesses through the widely-known English proverb, “birds of … Continue reading

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