Success Through Peace and Inspiration: Activating Our Greater Capacity to Lead and Solve Problems

“Problems are best solved not on the level where they appear to occur but on the next level above them….Problems are best solved by transcending them and looking at them from a higher viewpoint. At the higher level, the problems automatically resolve themselves because of that shift in point of view, or one might see there was no problem at all.”
David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

In our western culture, we’ve been conditioned to believe that if we think more and think hard, we’ll find the answers to our problems. Our minds go round and round in mental loops searching for solutions; however, there are limited options on the level of intellectual thinking and analysis.

By nature, we’re wise, creative and resourceful, but these qualities do not come from the intellect. Yet, we’re trained by our families, educational systems, professions and society to over-develop our left brain capabilities. We’re conditioned to aspire to accumulating more knowledge and to use our analytical thinking abilities to address our work challenges and solve problems. Ironically, what we find more often than not is that thinking, over-thinking and analyzing block us from the solutions we seek and create unnecessary worry, anxiety and stress.

Intellectual knowledge and thinking, in and of themselves, do not solve problems. Often, they just reinforce the habitual tendencies and patterns of the mind – familiar and reactive ways we have of seeing situations. The result is that we operate on automatic pilot and make choices and decisions out of habit and entrenched, conditioned patterns and beliefs. We react to external conditions, rather than initiating new directions.

By over-developing the left brain hemisphere (the intellect), we have inadvertently blocked its connection with the other part of our mind from which inspiration, creativity and wisdom flow (the right brain hemisphere). This part of our mind is more peaceful, perceives differently and prompts us with impulses to try other methods, use fresh approaches and go against the grain of habit.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a Harvard-trained brain scientist, had a visceral experience of the full capabilities of her right brain hemisphere, when she had a massive stroke, with a blood vessel rupturing on the left side of her brain.

In her book, My Stroke of Insight, she says, “In the absence of my traditional left hemispheric domination over my right mind, other parts of my brain emerged. Programs that had been inhibited were now free to run, and I was no longer fettered to my previous interpretation of perception. With the shift away from my left hemisphere consciousness … my right hemisphere emerged with new insight.”

The Value of Peace, Insight and Inspiration in Problem Solving

Fortunately, we do not need to experience our left brains shutting down due to a stroke in order to activate and enhance the use of our right brain capabilities. Moreover, we can train our brain hemispheres to cooperate with each other for optimal and stress-free problem solving.

Most of us know what it feels like to mentally, emotionally and physically expend ourselves striving to solve problems and meet goals and, then, letting go out of sheer exhaustion, having the solutions and results present themselves. It’s the letting go that allows the right brain hemisphere to open up and draw inspiration from another level.

The challenge is that the vast majority of us have not been taught to do this as the first response to a problem – we’ve been taught to use our intellects and thinking. Also, we’ve not been taught how to let go consciously and, more specifically, how to do this in the moment. So we use up a lot of time and energy wrestling mentally and emotionally with our problems.

When we learn and practice letting go and slowing our brain waves down, we balance our left/right brain hemispheres and more easily (with less or no internal and external drama) tap into solutions to our problems that we previously could not access.

Brain waves are frequencies of electrical energy that the brain produces, and they relate to different states of consciousness. The higher the number of hertz (electrical impulses), the faster the brain operates.

The beta brain wave (13 – 40 hertz), where we spend most of our waking time, reflects the conditioned, rational, linear mind – the intellect — and it’s the most limited brain wave state for problem solving. It’s connected with worry, stress, paranoia, fear, irritability, poor health and a weakened immune system.

Alpha brain waves (7-13 hertz) are slower and more relaxed than beta. They occur when we’re meditating, daydreaming and watching television. They’re associated with a quieter, more peaceful state of mind.

The theta brain wave cycles at 4-7 hertz, and it’s also a brain wave state we can access when we’re still “awake”. It’s the optimal state of mind for problem solving, insight, intuition and inspiration. This brainwave is associated with quieting of thoughts and emotions and an increased sense of peace and well-being.

With consistent, conscious practice, letting go and slowing the mind down to the theta brain wave in the moment can become our automatic response to our challenges, allowing us to problem solve from a new level of awareness and choice.

The benefits are truly significant, enabling us to:

  • be more open and flexible to receive ideal business or organizational development solutions through inspiration;

  • more easily solve a variety of problems;

  • be more effective and productive;

  • enjoy more functional, cooperative and happier work relationships;

  • express our talents and experience more fulfillment through our work; and

  • make better decisions and enjoy better results.

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Success Through Peace and Inspiration™ Breakthrough Session

If you want to learn an easier, more relaxed and more effective way of leading your business or organization and solving problems, I invite you to sign up for a Success Through Peace and Inspiration™ Breakthrough Session.

Specifically, you’ll:

  • Learn how to release feelings of worry, stress, striving and anxiety about addressing challenges, meeting your goals and developing your business or organization;

  • Experience ease, innovation and resourcefulness by tapping into the part of yourself/your brain that has the solutions to your business or organizational development problems;

  • Strengthen your ability to access this wisdom, solve problems and take action from peace and inspiration; and

  • Increase and leverage your energy.

The Success Through Peace and Inspiration™ Breakthrough Session is for:

  • Coaches, Therapists, Wellness Professionals and other small business owners;
  • Executive Directors and Managers of not-for-profit organizations;
  • Corporate Executives and Managers.

This session is valued at $197, but it’s yours in exchange for a gratitude donation of any amount to an organization or project with a mission that inspires you.

This offer is part of the Spread the Love and Prosperity Campaign. The purposes of the Campaign are to bring peace and inspiration into businesses and organizations and to “pay it forward” through acts of service and contribution that support others and the world.

To book your session, click this link:

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The Future of Healers: Reclaiming the Divine Origins of Money

Business, financial abundance and humanitarian service are not mutually exclusive, yet many healing professionals struggle to reconcile polarized perspectives about being in business, selling/receiving money for their offerings and being of service. Medical intuitive, author and teacher Caroline Myss once said that as a society we need to heal this dualistic way of looking at these issues and healers need to “develop financial clout and become an economic force in the world.”

In shaping the future of healing, those in wellness professions are being called to empower themselves economically. They are being beckoned to have a greater impact in the world by healing their own money shadows, making peace with their finances and developing business skills, while being true to themselves and their own higher purposes and values.

Money has its roots in the Sacred and the future of healers in serving humanity and becoming a global economic force requires reclaiming the Divine origins of money.

In this interactive discussion/workshop, participants will explore several dominant polarities that affect healing professionals when it comes to their work and finances. Attendees will also play with a tool that reconciles the constricting mental and emotional patterns behind these dualistic perspectives. By using this tool, participants can experience more ease, peace and confidence about being in business, being of service and money and, as a result, have a greater impact on their communities and the world.

For more information about this interactive presentation and the Future of Healing Symposium, visit:

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The Art and Science of Client Attraction and Enrollment With Ease and Joy

Attention: Coaches, Therapists and Wellness Professionals!

Building your client base does NOT have to be a struggle;  it can be easy, enjoyable and fun … AND aligned with your values.

Come and learn proven, practical, effective strategies to engage and enroll clients, and how to use these strategies in aligned, inspired, creative ways.

This half-day training workshop is for you, if you:

a) are just starting your practice/business and want guidance and inspiration about how to develop your client base; or

b) have been operating a wellness practice/business for a while, but want to have a more stable client base and more consistent, growing revenues.

For more information:
Eventbrite - The Art and Science of Client Attraction and Enrollment With Ease and Joy

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How Understanding the Law of Opposites Can Help You Grow Your Business

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How to Be Enthusiastic and Relaxed About Your Business Goals

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Business Burnout Needs Personal Self-Care

26812612 - highway signpost with self care wordingIn Part One of my interview with Linda Dessau of Content Mastery Guide, she asked me about what defines a burnout business model, and how to balance outside resources with your own inner wisdom. Here is the rest of our interview:

Linda: Tell us a bit about your own story of burnout and recovery.

Mary: First, I just want to say that I think recovery is an ongoing process, not a destination. I am still very much on this continuous journey of learning how to take care of myself and allowing myself to deepen into greater levels of well-being.

That being said, while I’ve touched burnout many times over the years as a business owner, each experience has been shorter and less intense and has helped me learn how to take better care of myself and develop healthier business practices and a healthier business model. I’ve made progress!

The deepest level of burnout I ever experienced in my life came almost 20 years ago when I was working as a senior fundraising executive at a major teaching hospital. Up to that point, I had played a leadership role in raising over $30 million for the charitable institutions for which I’d worked. Yet, I felt empty, unfulfilled and inadequate. I was stuck in a pattern of driving myself to do and achieve more…never quite believing that I “measured up.” Not only was I physically burnt out, I was mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as well. My adrenals were totally shot, and I was stressed, exhausted and unhappy.

That experience of burnout led me to seek well-being in a way I had never consciously sought it before. With the help of fabulous wellness professionals, therapists, healers, coaches and mentors, I developed a stronger understanding of and appreciation for wellness – what it involved and what I could do to support my own well-being. I was passionate about learning and applying everything I could about holistic, mind-body-spirit healing.

And, as a student of my own well-being, I’m still learning! What I do know, for sure, is that when I prioritize my own well-being in my daily routine, in my business model and in the way I develop and operate my business, I thrive and my business thrives. I’m in that “sweet spot” of balance.

Linda: What is the first thing you recommend to someone who has burnt out from their business model?

Mary: The first thing I recommend is to make self-care a non-negotiable priority. This may be obvious to a wellness professional, but those of us who are in service-oriented professions, even in the wellness arena, can inadvertently put our own well-being on the back burner sometimes. The myth that we have to work hard, struggle and sacrifice ourselves in order to help others and to succeed is a tenacious story that is very active in our collective psyche.

So, if you need to take time off, do it and unhook from your business completely. Tend to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

Rest often and ensure you get extra sleep. Also, support your adrenals through supplementation, diet, hydration, etc. It’s a good time to go to see your own naturopath or holistic nutritionist, if you haven’t been for a while. Even if that’s the modality you practice, it’s hard to be objective about ourselves and our own well-being sometimes.

If you need psychological/emotional support, see a counselor or therapist (even if you’re a counselor or therapist yourself).

Go on a yoga or meditation retreat (even if you’re a yoga or meditation teacher yourself).

The bottom line is that we can’t see clearly and make wise decisions for ourselves and our businesses when we’re burnt out. We can only truly build thriving businesses from a place of deep self-care, and this self-care has to be built into our daily routines, our business models and the way we operate our businesses. We can’t serve others in a healthy way coming from deprivation and depletion.

Once you have sufficiently replenished yourself, if you don’t already have a business coach, I strongly recommend that you hire one as part of your commitment to your well-being and the well-being of your business.

A holistically-oriented business coach will be able to support you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and practically as you continue to develop your wellness business.  This person can help you to design and operate your business in a way that nurtures, focuses and optimizes your energy and resources. This will, ultimately, enable you to shed the burnout business model and allow your business — and you — to thrive with ease and joy.

Thanks to Linda Dessau for a great conversation and a valuable new piece of content for my blog!

For more information about how you can design and build a thriving wellness business model that prioritizes your self-care, visit:

For tips on how to write blog posts that are easy to write and irresistible to perfect clients for your health and wellness business, visit:

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Shedding the Burnout Business Model

rsz_1burnoutIn a recent discussion with Linda Dessau, a writing consultant who helps wellness professionals attract new clients with a wellness blog, the topic of burnout business models came up. Linda was inspired to interview me about this and has generously given me permission to publish our interview here:

Linda: What is a burnout business model?

Mary: To understand what a burnout business model is, I think it’s important to first define “business model”. I like the succinct definition found at “a design of the operations of a business which focuses on how revenue will be generated.”

A burnout business model can be characterized simply as one that attempts to attain income goals through an unsustainable expenditure of time, energy and resources, leading to burnout.

This is a complex issue, because there are a number of different contributing factors to a burnout business model, including:

  • how you price and package your offerings;

  • how you deliver your services;

  • whether you’re building the right revenue stream(s) for your business’s stage of development;

  • whether you’re using client engagement and enrollment methods that are the right fit/most effective for the type of revenue stream you’re building;

  • what level of business support, infrastructure and systems you have; and

  • all of the mental and emotional issues that play a role.

Here are a few signs that you’re a wellness professional who has a burnout business model:

  • you’re undercharging for your private, one-on-one services and selling individual sessions one at a time, instead of having a continuity package comprising multiple sessions or a multiple-session signature program;

  • you have not built a steady private clientele base yet and are prematurely trying to develop more leveraged income streams;

  • you have a waiting list and are overextending by taking on too many private clients, rather than limiting private clientele and building an additional new, leveraged offering;

  • you’re spending too much time on more indirect, low-touch marketing methods to engage and enroll prospective private clients, rather than strategically using high-touch, personal, direct, experiential and interactive methods; or

  • while marketing, enrolling and seeing clients, you’re still doing tasks that need to be delegated to others, such as bookkeeping and administration, and do not have automated systems and processes.

Linda: You talk about the challenge of walking a “path of balance” between learning and applying external business-building principles and strategies and tuning into and following your own inner guidance. How does being unbalanced with this contribute to burnout?

Mary: I know from my own direct experience and from witnessing clients moving through this, how we can get caught in a bit of a mental and emotional, either/or “polarity loop” with these approaches as we build our businesses, that can really drain us energetically.

We can bounce back and forth between extreme ways of approaching the development of our businesses. For example, we may spend hours learning and applying all the latest business-building techniques, mimicking what others are doing, without connecting with our own inspiration and guidance.

Then, we may dismiss these techniques if they don’t deliver what we’re expecting them to deliver, within our timeline, and go to the other extreme of only relying on our own perspectives and instincts. However, these perspectives and instincts can be clouded by conditioned ways of thinking and limiting programs that prevent us from accessing our deepest wisdom and inspiration. This vacillation, and the inner struggle that comes with it, typically results in feelings of depletion and burnout mentally and emotionally.

When we clear ourselves of the inner debris that contributes to this unbalanced way of being, we can reconcile the polarity loop between these extremes and act from a still point within ourselves. We’re able to balance learning and applying external business-building principles and strategies with tuning into and following our own inner guidance; they support each other, rather than being mutually exclusive.

In my experience, that’s the sweet spot or place of power for building a thriving business, with ease and joy.

Stay tuned for Part Two of this interview. In the meantime:

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How to Create Clarity and a Business Vision That Brings Results

rsz_clarity“I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
I can see all obstacles in my way,
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind,
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sunshiny day.”

I know the lyrics to this 1972 song by Johnny Nash are a bit corny. Yet, my inner Pollyanna feels so darn good when she hears them; you’d think she had just come upon the land of perpetual rainbows and unicorns. Corny or not, the message of these lyrics is a powerful one for us “innerpreneurs”.

Relating this to my own experience, I know that I can’t see “clearly” when I’m mired in painful thoughts and feelings that I’m ignoring, denying or suppressing. My journey has been one of learning how to witness — be present and accepting — of the “dark clouds that had me blind” and being really gentle, yet lovingly honest, with myself.

It is through this avenue of cultivating compassionate mindfulness that I’ve been able to see more clearly and express myself more fully and authentically through my work, experiencing more of those bright, sunshiny days. This has also been accomplished through committing to the outer work — to actions that support clarity and movement, enabling me to create a thriving and growing business. Business visioning and planning have been integral to this.

Sometimes, we put the deep inner and outer work required to create sustainably prosperous businesses on the back burner. We procrastinate and/or get caught up in the “busyness” of our lives and businesses, going from one thing to another, with a very vague picture of what it is we’re attempting to create. As a result, our actions become uninspired, inefficient and ineffective, and our businesses stagnate. We stagnate.

To launch the New Year with momentum, I invite you to carve out some time, in the near future, to envision your business over the next twelve months. Set the intention that you’re going to “allow” clarity and give yourself the time and space you need to see clearly and develop your business.

Vision and Plan Your Business

My clients are “cultural creatives” (a term coined by sociologist Paul H. Ray and psychologist Sherry Ruth Anderson); they are thought leaders, on the leading edge, who value health and sustainability. They have a burning desire to foster well-being in the world. I call them “healers”. Typically, they have a plethora of ideas circulating around in their heads.

The inspired business visioning/planning process I facilitate my clients through provides the clarity and structure they need to focus their creative energy and put their ideas into action effectively and efficiently, generating the results they desire. Without this process, their energy is often scattered, mis-directed and diluted, creating ineffective actions and minimal and/or undesirable results.

The reason for this is because operating without a business vision/plan is like showing up at the airport to fly somewhere without knowing where you’re going. It’s like going somewhere you’ve never been without a map.

On a certain level, this may sound spontaneous and fun. However, when it comes to your business, having no map or direction can ultimately take the fun, spontaneity, creativity and prosperity out of your work. If you don’t know the general direction you’re going in, you’ll either get lost or it will take much longer than necessary to get anywhere. And, it will dampen your enthusiasm and joy.

Open to Clarity

Being unclear about your business is a form of self-sabotage. If you find yourself resisting the process of business visioning/planning, explore the beliefs, thoughts and feelings creating this resistance and use your favourite clearing tools to transform these patterns.

Consider the following questions:

What beliefs, thoughts and feelings am I holding about creating a business vision/plan?

What’s the predominant fear I have regarding getting clear about my business?

What’s the pay-off for me staying in a place of vagueness and ambiguity about my business?

Once you’ve softened the resistance, start with a few baby steps. You can create a simple business plan on one sheet of paper by focussing on these five areas:

1. Get clear about your income goal for 2017 and write it down.

2. If you haven’t done this yet, get clear about who you serve (your authentic community – a defined group of people), what their core challenge is and the core benefit you offer through your work.

3. Get clear about your offerings and how they relate to one another and your community’s core challenges.

4. Get clear about your prices and sales targets.

5. Get clear about your relationship-building (i.e., marketing) activities and how you’ll invite prospects to become clients/customers (i.e., sell your services/products).

A Sacred Container for Your Business

A healer’s consciousness often resides predominantly in the intuitive, right hemisphere of the brain. This is wonderful for healing work, creativity and inspiration. Yet, manifesting in the physical world requires an integration of both the right- and left-brain hemispheres – the intuitive and the logical, the feminine and the masculine, the yin and the yang.

A coaching client of mine had a breakthrough with this when she realized that the inspired business planning process I was taking her through was essential for bringing the prosperous business she desired into physical manifestation. Although initially a bit resistant to the process, she came to recognize that the structure of a business plan is necessary to channel her creativity and energy. She now sees her inspired business plan as a container – a sacred container – for her work.

By having the courage to get clear and commit to that clarity, you, too, can create a sacred container for your business that will bring you prosperity and a bright, sunshiny year in 2017.

To gain the clarity you need to attract clients and have a stellar year in your business in 2017, enroll in The Prosperous Healer’s Path™ Business Success Program. I’ll help you develop your own Inspired Business Vision and Plan and take inspired actions that will bring you powerful results.

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How to Create Financial Stability in Your Business One Revenue Stream at a Time – Part Three


“I’m just starting my practice/business, and I’m confused and overwhelmed about where to put my focus.  Specifically, I was wondering what revenue stream or streams I should focus on first to create financial stability and how to do this?”


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How to Create Financial Stability in Your Business One Revenue Stream at a Time – Part Two


“I’m just starting my practice/business, and I’m confused and overwhelmed about where to put my focus.  Specifically, I was wondering what revenue stream or streams I should focus on first to create financial stability and how to do this?”


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